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Sunday Comics Report | 08/10/2010 9:38 pm
Yeah sucks to talk less to cute chicks with Link swords and Shields. I find myself wondering about the conversations we would have about our recent endeavors and kills. The upcoming games, the lack of our shame. The pride we have in our nerd nation.
GAWDZEERRUH Report | 07/30/2010 10:18 am
GAWDZEERRUH Report | 07/30/2010 10:14 am
Yeah, tell me about it.
The one girl I do play with on occassion is so god damn annoying and dramatic but I only play with her because she's not a total b***h.
If anything, she's too nice.
But here's the thing, she wants to be known as the "best and sexiest girl gamer on the PSN".
And I just lolol hard at her because she's absolutely unattractive.
GAWDZEERRUH Report | 07/30/2010 10:05 am
I wanted to get a 360 sooo bad for Gears of War, but eh.
No moneys.
That's nice. i don't have a BF to live with or else I'd be long ********' gone.
I hate Michigan. :<
You play with any other girls at all?
GAWDZEERRUH Report | 07/30/2010 9:55 am
I sold my GTA.
I think I sold my SCIV, too.
Uhm... Yeah, I know. And 14 year old boys that say I "sound like a f*****t".
So, I tell them we should have a v****a picture contest, but they'd win.
Camping doesn't bother me much because I just lay back, relax and play. I like the guys I talk to.
GAWDZEERRUH Report | 07/30/2010 9:50 am
Fair 'nough.
Just got CoD: MW2, so I've been playing that.
But before the majority of my online time was spent on Uncharted 2. But that game is getting just absolutely ******** rediculous.
Sometimes Little Big Planet.
I have a few other games but I don't really play them online.
GAWDZEERRUH Report | 07/30/2010 9:45 am
Added forrealz this time.
GAWDZEERRUH Report | 07/30/2010 9:44 am
GAWDZEERRUH Report | 07/30/2010 9:36 am
Actually, your ID doesn't work.
GAWDZEERRUH Report | 07/30/2010 9:35 am
Oh, I never play sports games.
Usually UC2 or CoD: MW2, that I just recently got hooked on.


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