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Hey, this is "Dizzie-Disaster". I now actually go by the pseudonym Arotnas or "Ari"...but I'll be changing it soon. I'm pretty much just messing around on here, I don't have any friends, so it's okay.
I'm 22. I grew up in NJ, and I'm still (unfortunately) there. I graduated college, and am going back....eventually...to get my bachelor's degree. I live with my lovely fiance who takes the best care of me in my darkest of days, a pet skunk, a dumb dog and a sassy little kitty cat.

I adore animals (obviously) and I love Green Day with a passion. I also enjoy writing, drawing, sleeping in late, LARPing, Renaissance Faires, steampunk, music, and a variety of video games. I've recently "come out" as a furry, though I'm not totally engrossed in the fandom.

Most interesting woman in the world?

I think not. I'm actually pretty boring.

You can usually find me either at work, on my laptop, having a cigarette (well, actually I'm on e-cigs now, so I smoke wherever), or sitting in my backyard lighting off fireworks and smoke bombs to keep the neighbors on their toes. Sometimes fishing, but it's usually my fiance who is fishing, and I just draw or play in the shallows, catching minnows.

I'm a celtic pagan, though I do also occasionally worship greek deities. I love nature, food, and dead things.

You can catch my DeviantArt here: http://falnanglyin.deviantart.com/
Or my FurAffinity here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/arotnas/

Feel free to PM me for a chat. Whether you just wanna talk, have some tea with me, or catch up (if we were friends before I left Gaia).


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Book of the Dead

Uhh...its a book....