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Location: Waverly Hills

Birthday: 06/23

Occupation: Patient


Insanity is my blessed sin;
My lady of tainted beauty;
My cursed drug of choice;
My torturous love;
My fiendish desire;
My tempting obsession;
And is all that I value and love in this cruel world of ours

Devyn Asylum
Tis the name I go by here

My lovely obsessions:
Asylums, Insanity, and Mental Disorders

Artist of the Heart am I
Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, and Writing

Interests o' mine:
Angels, Egypt, culture, Justice

A secret I bare
Wanting to be shared
Awaiting the one
To undo what's been done

I am a cancer.

I tend to think of myself as very opened minded but that is my opinion. Up to you to decide.

I also tend to be sarcastic a lot.

I don't like drama. >.<

I have some anxiety issues when it comes to meeting new people in real life and sometimes on-line too.

I type most of what I say out and I'm not really sure why I do.

I love to write stories and poems. I actually keep a Journal and even I think that is weird.

I love to be around all different types of people. It makes everything more interesting to me.

I always try to put others before myself.

I don't believe in the whole "If you don't love yourself, you cannot love others." thing.

I am bisexual. I came out in 2009.

I also don't believe in if you're bisexual you can have both a male and female at the same time. Call me selfish but I like giving the people I truly care about my undivided attention and affection.

My favorite animals are sharks, pandas, and any felines.

My favorite colors are purple, blue, black, red, and sliver.

My favorite food is apples.

I adore nurses. They are my favorite especially covered in blood and psychotic. :3

More to come when I think of it..

Background image is from one of my favorite sites: http://www.opacity.us/


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Emerald Report | 03/18/2015 2:54 am
I love the art on your profile. I make avatars very similar to that, it just reminded me of it. Thanks for posting in my Q&A thread. smile
Kyukii Arc Report | 10/14/2012 9:00 pm
Kyukii Arc
I'm sorry for taking long to finish your order. I've been on vacation for two weeks now and hoping will be back before the next week comes.
Things went a little longer than expected here. I'll get back to my drawing desk once I get home. Cheers~ yum_puddi
Phantasgatoria Report | 08/17/2012 11:13 pm
Heyyo! My apologies for this random comment.
Did you post in my art shop? I got a notice saying you dis but I don't see anything from you there.
Shima iMemories Report | 02/01/2012 3:54 am
Shima iMemories
Ok, I'll accept it with ASAP! ^^
Thank you~ :3
Shima iMemories Report | 01/30/2012 10:11 pm
Shima iMemories
Um, sorry...
But where's the tokens?
Fxxx The Odds Report | 01/12/2012 11:55 am
Fxxx The Odds
Reckless Ruffians Report | 09/17/2011 10:31 pm
Reckless Ruffians
Thank you for the purchase.
Master Shujaxo Report | 08/24/2011 5:55 pm
Master Shujaxo
yay! love XD heart
Master Shujaxo Report | 08/24/2011 4:54 pm
Master Shujaxo
my phone got turned off. im sorry sad im workin on gettin a new one though
Master Shujaxo Report | 08/23/2011 7:13 pm
Master Shujaxo
heart :-*