The Grimy Details x

Hey there! Somehow you have stumbled upon my profile and you're reading this which means you must have at least a vague interest in me, For which I thank you very much.
I'm not a very exciting person, Or so I think, But that's for you to judge. I love making friends though, So feel free to add me,message me,Or comment on my profile.
I am absolutely in love with the TV shows Supernatural, American Horror Story, And True Blood. I also enjoy reading and writing quite a lot.
I'm a weirdo, An outcast, And extremely shy in person so don't let my page deceive you. I'm not mean, Just another person trying to get through the whole screwed up thing we call life.
I'm also an extremely stubborn and strong willed person and I have a tendency to argue to no end if I think I'm right until I'm proven wrong or the other person stands down.
And remember, I don't bite unless I know you well or I like you ;P I kid, But seriously, Don't be a stranger (: