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About Moi

Hello! Nice to make your acquaintance ehehe 4laugh

Just some basics!
My name's actually Krysta.
I'm seventeen
I'm pansexual
I'm genderqueer (Ie. I don't rly fall on the gender spectrum w/e) so they/them/their pronouns please
I am 5’10-11” somewhere in there idk
My favoutite animal is the octopus (ask me why and i will tell you in DETAIL why)
My favourite colours are blue, purple, and silver
I'm an ENFP
I'm a Libra
My chinese zodiac is the rat
I'm in slytherin (whoop whoop)
For the homestucks:
I'm a maid of hope
Also a prospit dreamer
My land is LOSAR (Land of Sparks and Roses)
And my strife is cleaverkind
Aaaand i cosplay~! 3nodding

I'm in an incredible number of fandoms really... uh just to list a feeew:
~Doctor Who
~Game of Thrones
~True Blood
~Videya Games
~Comic books
~Tolkein (LOTR/Hobbit for y'all that dont know... which if you didn't i suggest you go educate yourself)
~etc... rly its an endless list lol



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