User ImageSo, you want to know about me?

Well, my former name was PentagramWo0t, so for all of my friends who know me by that name and are wondering who the hell just randomly popped up on your friendlist, it's me, Pent.

[Art by black_horse_spies]

Some Things I Like/Love:
-Pentagrams. Not satanic ones. Werewolf and Thief's Pentagrams... facing upward. Quick, prepared, aware, hidden, and silent are the five points of a Thief's Pentagram.
-Werewolves. Love 'em. The best race of all time.
-Thieves. Pretty much the best occupation of all time.
-Pirates. Alright, tied for the best occupation of all time.
-Assassins. This one's tied too.
-Thief/Assassin Werewolves who used to be pirates.
-Music. Preferably Rock, Metal, or Alternative. I do not do Rap or Country, and Pop is verging.
-Movies. Action, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi. Bloody movies are awesome. xD
-Books. Fantasy and Sci-Fi mostly. Anime is cool as well, though I don't read enough different series to know what people talk about all the time.
-Video Games. PS2. Sly Cooper, 1-3, and FFXII, mainly.
-Animals. Way better than humans.
-Roleplays. Anything that has a good plot line, is rated PG-13 as the site entails it should be, and fantasy! Or sci-fi. :3
-Donations. I love these. <3
-Art. Avi art, drawing art, recieving art... the works. As long as it looks good.

Some Things I Hate:
-Stupid people.
-Global warming.
-People who decide to challenge me and expect to win.
-People who do win. These will eventually die.
-Monkeys. The only animals I hate. I guess they're too much like humans.
-Clowns. Mimes are ok, and the clowns in the music video for I Write Sins Not Tragedies are okay, but the rainbow frilly pink and orange... hatred.
-Slave roleplays. They are so stupid. Keep them away from me, or I will destroy you.
-Text talk.
-Illiteracy. I don't mind short posts, but when they have forevermany spelling errors and nothing happening whatsoever, it ticks me off.
-People who don't think that I'll bite them when I threaten to. Trust me. I will.


None at the moment. I have no problem with adding names to the list though.


-Elincia Hughes. An awesome person and a great roleplayer.
-Daman. Another awesome person, and an ingenius roleplayer.
-Argent Tirer. A friend of mine. He's pretty cool... but vaguely annoying...

Gold List:

-A Fading Image. A friend of mine who has donated a whole hell of a lot in the past, and a f***ing brilliant roleplayer himself. His imagination knows no bounds. I'm jealous. xD

Ring around the rosies
pockets full of posies
ashes, ashes
we all fall down.

Do you know what that song means?

Ring around the rosies: internal bleeding, bruises, and skin rashes.
Pockets full of posies: Supposed protection or cure.
Ashes, ashes: Burning bodies.
We all fall down: Dead.

The Black Plague

Interesting, huh? I think so. >:]

Art from black_horse_spies. PM her if you want some. ;D
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I am a Clauda Diaboli.

Those born under the Cauda Diaboli constellation, the devil's tail, often have the meanest streak of all. Wicked and cruel by nature, they laugh at things they really shouldn't laugh at, are known to start fights over trivial issues, and love to be the center of attention. Often intelligent and sharp witted, they usually use their smarts only for themselves and always have a nasty barb to spike any poor stray that steps into their domain. Besides all that, there is some good to them. They can (in rare times) offer sound (though harsh) advice, and they usually follow the rules in the loosest of ways, so even when they're being bad it's bad within acceptable limits. They can be very reliable friends, so long as you can stomach the punishment they dish out. They don't take anything seriously, so you shouldn't take what they say seriously either, or so they figure. You could argue that they're playful rather than nasty, but you'd have to have some concrete evidence for anyone to believe you...
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Well, that's about it. Want to know more? PM me.


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The Journal of a deranged psychopath...

Welcome to your doom....

Umm...the random thougts of me... WO0T!!! I'm not too crazy... or am I?


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Curious Miss Frankie

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Curious Miss Frankie

Love the Avi and the art. XD

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hey try this out! send this comment on ten profiles then press f5 to get 10,000 gold

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It was just a random comment XD random comments rock!

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thought you gotta know, your avi ROCKS!

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hi! User Image

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thanks for buying

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Elincia Hughes

Report | 06/29/2008 7:32 pm

Elincia Hughes

Yey! Randomnes! Wo0t! User Image

Report | 06/27/2008 3:04 pm


that really would be cool!

fine with me. i don't get home until then anyways...
Sailor Snowflake

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Sailor Snowflake



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