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mainly about what i do in Gaia and what i do at home plus what i like about it.

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hey everyone, well I'm 19 years old, birthday is july 20 1991, I'm a girl this is my better account and I like the guys outfits better then the girls on here.........I like my quiet time, love to read, wise, and curious xd , I love making amv's for youtube my account name is dbzspidi200, I love drawing and poetry my devaintart is whitefang2007. I play video games on ps3 and computer, mostly shooting one's like modern warfare 2, bad company 2, I love assassins creed one and two, I love messing with people, I tend to be really quiet sometimes and scare my siblings when I sneak up on them ><

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Shishigami Bang Kun
The Epic Of Raiden
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