If you are reading this then you should probably run. Escape while you can! If you didn't run then welcome to my bio.

So, you might be curious on who I am, right? If not then I don't know why you're here. Anyways, hey! My real name will not be known until the year 3030 but you may call me Jay or Knight.

I am currently a university/college student (send help) majoring in Early Childhood. I am twenty-one which means I'm legal but have to much anxiety to do anything. I cry a little in the inside when someone mentions my age so please don't. I don't think I can afford anymore tears.

So one of the things that keeps me sane is drawing and writing. To me those are my passions. I started drawing when I was able to properly hold a pencil, my first biggest project being the walls in my old home. It was very unappreciated during my time by my family. I have lots of short stories and novels written out in my laptop and journals. But please don't ask to read them if we don't know each other. I also love to sing but I'm pretty sure my voice is not the best considering I once heard my dog howling at me from outside.

I have four pets that I love with all my heart. I own two dogs and two turtles. My biggest goal was to become a turtle breeder but so many people say no. I guess I might as well listen for once. I've been wanting another turtle that I can name Federico or Fernando but I might have to wait a few years for that.

I like to talk to new people but just a warning. I won't stop talking. Watch out.

Wow did you really read all of that? Well aren't you dedicated! I know you cant see but I shed a tear from how proud I am. Well if you'd like to talk just pm me here. I wont mind even if you have nothing to talk about.

Anyways have a lovely day or not. I don't control your life.