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-emo moments-

I look up to the sky.
I see the rain, and wonder why;
Why do Angels cry?
Has yet another accident been born?
Has yet another friend fallen to the depths of Hell?
Is it the sight of my tears upon my cheeks,
Falling upon my blood-stained, bitten, lips?
Is it my knowings of my failure in Life?
Is it that my thoughts have taken their toll?
Should i stay?
Or should i go?
Should i die?
Or should i live?
Maybe, I'm better off left alone...

I need some gold...

I need 20,000 gold to make a guild that i wanna make REALLY bad!
donations are loved!!
i'll give you a cookie!
and Huggles!
everyone like huggles!

Call me xP

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I am thinking about changing my name...
Tell me which one you like!
*orange kitkats
*o r a n g e kitkats
*Music Soul
*Music Forever
*Peace Love Music
*Sparkly Muffin
*XWEE Myiko

I love roleplays...

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I am known as Cookie, for my love of cookies. My other nicknames are;
and anything else you could come up with!
My real name is Sabrina. But the name a wish i had is Elizabeth Zathera Malone. I like writing and reading. I haven't finished a book yet, but i think I'm close! My age is classified information. I love advanced literate roleplays, though they are sadly hard to find now-a-days...
My best friend sadly does not have a gaian account, but she will soon i hope.
Oh, and to add to my nickname list;;
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