Hello I am Angel or River,depending what you want to call me.I am shy around new people or people I don't know.So if you don't see me typing that much around you,I'm just shy.Once I get to know you I can be random.I can't keep a conversation on not knowing what to say or talk about,so I tend to stay quiet.

Likes:Sweet,food,sleep,anime,manga,traveling,reading,drawing,gaming,cute things,pokemon(Old version),nice people,making people happy,and helping out.

Dislikes:Bitter foods,loud people or crowds,crowded areas,too much spicy foods,bullies,olives,and spinach in cans.

Hobbies biggrin rawing,sketching,reading,gaming,browsering,and sleeping.

Sexuality razz ansexual

I have sites I post my drawings on If you would Like to see them click on the links below.

Facebook Artist Page:

(I don't post much on here..)

I Don't come on here as much,But I can give you my Steam or Skype.So if you still want to talk to me just send me a message saying you want to add me on my Steam or Skype.