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umm...hey o.o name is Rea..
i'm 20, live near Washington DC, female,
Comment or pm me
if ya want..
I like new friends
and I don't bite...
hard o,..,o


Drax Umbrae on 02/15/2020


If I type in ant-sized text, it means it's not important.
Read it if you want, but it's usually a bit of a run-on and it's more of an elaboration than a reply..[/size:915fbbd646]
See? I do it a lot, just a fair warning.

[b:915fbbd646]Go 'Like' my friend's Cosplay Page on FB![/b:915fbbd646]

And read this comic! It's epic.

Mules.. just so I don't forget their usernames xDD;;

my epic pokémanz teamz :D

I couldn't put all the pokémon I liked/treasured here without looking totally retarded and having a profile stretched full of like 50 pokémon, so I put a full list here. :3

current team of AWESOME{but not ev trained and has normal/bad natures >.< ..but awesome and I luzz dem nevertheless. :3 }:
x Pix{venusaur}
x Roxas{blazeken}
x Nien{walrein}
x Psycho{rayquaza}
x Chaos{charizard}
x Grim{absol}

about meee ^-^

User Image I might randomly donate to you, but don't ask for it..
User Image I'll friend you, but only if you talk to me..
User Image I like random comments =D!
thanks for checking out my profile 3nodding
oh, and I like random comments. hint...hint!! xD

Likes ^w^

User Image comments =D
User Image pokémon
User Image listening to music
User Image drawing
User Image talking to people
User Image making new friends
User Image hanging out with friends
User Image playing zOMG
User Image feeling useful
User Image work xD

Dislikes x_o;

User Image manipulative brats
User Image bad music
User Image strong smells
User Image when people are mad at me
User Image feeling like a burden
User Image being alone
User Image cocky people
User Image people who use others
User Image annoying people
User Image weak people
User Image humanity in general
User Image feeling clueless//forgetting things
User Image control freaks
User Image people who persistently compliment me
User Image when people try to change me

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