Favorite Gaia Quotes

I love how as soon as you leave people Flame you that is what make this website great ^_^ P.S. People who Flame Are the people who should not be on this Site

ninja heart ninja
Hold it right there, nOOb.

First things first; I have no idea how long you have stayed on this thread, but I have only just come and you're pissing me off already.

Do you want a list to make it easier for your brain to understand? Well, I think you need it anyways, so I'm listing anyways whatever your answer is.

1. People only need to flame when the need to and the word "flame" does not need to be capilized because it is not a proper noun.

2. You did NOT read the rules correctly because you would have known that blank was missing after your post. If you had actually read the rules (and they are not long and hard to understand, but maybe you have a problem with understand such easy things), you would have known that if you piss anyone off or are unable to do the required things you will not get the item you want.

3. You're pissing me off.

4. You pissed off my friends.

5. Therefor I'm thinking of setting my ninja nOOb-eating squirrel minions on you.

6. Maybe my Pinjas too, because I'm just THAT pissed off.

7. As long as I have been on this thread, I have never seen Set-chan give and item or donation to a person that speaks nOOb. I wouldn't ether for that matter. It is an insult to the english languge and I bet that the person who invented nOObish is dead, a honer-killing by literates.

8. I hate you.

9. You have already tanished your reputation here, so I think it best that you leave, renew your fallen self and come back and try once more to be civil, no rude or sarcastic remarks, and read the damn rules, whoch by that time you will be able to understand.

10. In the long run, just for your sake, take grammar and spelling classes.

heart ninja heart