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Dan Lamb aka The Ghost

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Last Login: 07/18/2021 1:00 am

Registered: 08/03/2010

Gender: Male

Location: Georgia, USA

Birthday: 06/27/1983

Occupation: Writer/Poet

Personal Website

...that my favorite colors are blue, white, and black?

Behind the Mask:

Who cares?

The Ghost Story

Name: Daniel Robin Lamb (Dan Lamb for short)
Height: 6'
Weight: Varies
Birthday: June 27,1983
Age: 30
Zodiac: Cancer
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Voice: Deep, mysterious, gruff
Likes: To spar with friends.
Dislikes: Karl Live, people who use others for personal gain.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Freedom-Fighter
Personality: Once a honest man with a strong sense of justice. While he possesses superior circumstantial judgement, he tends to come of as being reckless, and his jump-the-gun nature probably doesn't help matters. He believes true justice lies not in fighting for one's self but for others, and detests those who would sacrifice others to further their own ends whatever the cause.

His Story: After joining a Hero's Guild that had trained his well-known heroic family, Dan Lamb was destined for greatness. Being trained with a skilled mage and fighter, Kronovox (a renown hero himself), Dan was a cheerful youth with a quick wit and a knack for learning new things. However, that changed one night when his friend , Darilynn came across a prophet of time who told her she would rule the universe but a hero of the Lamb clan hailing from the Hero Guild would defeat her. Having heard this, Darilynn killed everybody loyal to the Lamb clan as well as the guild. After an epic battle with Dan, Darilynn left Dan to die after chopping off his arm, his leg, and slashing him beyond recognition. However, Dan survived thanks to his new-found friend. Dr Darius Malcom Favors(Dr. D for short) gives him an artificial arm, eye and leg imbued with a star sapphire powered energy source. The once famous Lamb clan had been defeated. The Hero Guild was now nothing. Now all he knows is revenge. He has separated himself from his once cheerful personality. He is currently in possession of a a powerful blade called The Demented that holds various abilities which was also his father's trusted blade.

Weapons/Fighting Styles:

The Demented: A cursed sword said to hold the souls of its victims. Its black sheath howls the names of the tormented souls it has collected that only Dan can hear. The origin to of this sword is unknown to all. Only Kronovox and Dan Lamb knows It's true power. It is a heirloom blade pass to him by this Master Kronovox from of his once famous forgotten family name. The souls in the blade are all victims of Darilynn's murderous mayhem. She took the sword from her first victim (Dan's Father) and kills the clan with it. She left the sword stabbed in Dan's eye. Was retrieved by Kronovox then given to Dr D and Virginia to give back to Dan.

The Symphony: A magic pistol. Dan Lamb stole this from 211 Steel in a fight of stealth and wit. Dan was quick to master this awesome weapon. It is also said to be the weapon of self-proclaim assassins who occasionally use the name Dare. Really the weapon is technology of a inventor named Dr. Darius Malcom Favors and the "Dares" are androids who copy the fighting styles from of Dan Lamb's allies and enemies.

Silver Artificial Arm, Leg, and Eye infused with Star Sapphire-Powered Energy: Technology given to Dan by Dr. D to keep him alive after Darilynn nearly killed him. Grants access to fire-based spells and grants extra strength, speed, sight. Can channel a blast of fire into The Symphony and make a stronger energy blast.

Bushido: Taught by Dan's father. Can house the spirits and stories of any weapon, making the weapon appear stronger than what it already is. This combined with The Demented seems is infinite in power.

Iaido: A sword-based martial art associated with unsheathing and re-sheathing one's sword very quickly. Dan also uses this art to fire The Symphony very quickly.

Judo: Taught by Kronovox. Basic grabs, take-downs, and blocks. This style is mostly used when Dan wants to fight defensively. Despite being a defensive fighting style, Dan has the worst defense in the game.

Notable Skills/Feats: Renown poet/bard, ambidextrous, expert marksman, master swordsman, genius intellect, stealth, bluff, and quick-draw. Also able to cast telekinesis, multi-image, and granted fire-based skills through star sapphire energy. Granted healing/Ice magic and granted Lightning magic through spirits in his blade.

Class: Rogue/Mage/Ronin

Stats Grade:

HP: C+
MP: C+

EV%: A-
ME%: S

Strengths: Dan has the best attack power in the game. Dan is the ultimate boss killer. All his moves are straight forward and do a lot of damage. This also makes him the ultimate one-on-one fighter. He also starts with a 15% resistance to all negative status effects. Dan has the 3rd best magic attack in the game as well, has decent speed and great evade percentage (with the magic evade being the best in the game).

Weakness: To make up for his raw attack power, Dan has average HP and MP and the worst defense in the game. His magic defense can be a nuisance too.

Signature Moves:

Healing Field (Dan calls upon a spirit-priest from his blade and heals himself, as well as his comrades.)

X mark (Swings his epic blade twice in the form of an X, then shoots the X with Symphony. Right when the X hits the target, Dan summons a lightning spirit that strikes the same spot. Then he does a powerful blast from his artificial arm)

Twin Slash (Swings The Demented twice. Two hits)

Hack (powerful hacking attack with his epic blade. Does up to 3x damage plus bleeding)

Effortless (Epic Blade controlled with telekinesis. Starts to melee, then shoots Symphony five times, finishing with a blast of energy from his star sapphire channeled energy. 18 hits)

Coin Trick (Flips a coin and as it comes down, Dan shoots it with Symphony, stunning the enemy.)

Shocking Sniper Shot (Hurls his epic blade, coming back with telekinesis shortly after and before he shoots the same spot again with Symphony, then lighting strikes the same spot to finish.)

Sword Dance (beautiful 24 hit combo with his epic blade)

Chill (picks you up with his silver arm, setting you ablaze, throws you in the air, then shoots you with Symphony, making the blaze more intense. Then finishes/cools with a hailstorm from by a legendary spirit of an ice mage. 19 hits)

Kick Rocks (stabs with The Demented then kicks off, blasting firing repeatedly with Symphony 22 hits)

Star Seeker (Kicks you the enemy in the air, flips up and slashing the enemy with his blade, then knocks them back down with powerful blasts from Symphony, finishing with final bolts of lightning , leaving multiple flashes of light. 37 hits)

Smooth Awesomeness (Split into four Dan Lambs, three of which have each have a version of The Demented (a fire type, an ice type, and a lightning type version). Then the images attack while the last original Dan Lamb smokes his cigar. then Each multi-image shoots the enemy to oblivion and the real Dan finishes with a powerful haymaker from his silver arm. 57 hits)

Demented Fury (Dan houses countless souls from his epic blade and delivers a series of attacks that are impossible to dodge. 77 hits)

Poetic Justice (the Ultimate combo, unknown hits. Will unlock if I ever get featured Avi)


Dan wakes up on a lab table and quickly notices that he now has artificial parts. He finds some clothes nearby and escapes the lab undetected. As he exits the building two shadows can be seen watching his departure.

Female voice: "Do you think he will make the right choice?"
Male voice: "We can only pray. Or at least you can. Follow him bring him back to us."
Female voice: "If he refuses?"
Male voice: "He'll come to us."

Epic heard rumors about Dan's revival. So she sends 211 STEEL to deal with him. Steel being a great swordsman himself finds Dan to be of equal strength even with Epic's granted powers given to him. Dan did, however, escape after stealing a magic pistol called: The Symphony. Dan quickly fell on the ground.

Female voice: "Get up! He's coming back."
Dan: "Whoa? Who are you?"
Female voice: "No time. He has minions this time. Prepare your self, Dan!"

(Boss Fight)
211 Steel
HP: 1500

ATK: 50
DEF: 15
MAG: 5
MDE: 25
SPE: 60
EV%: 5%
ME%: 10%

Strategy: Just melee him until he falls. The minions have one HP so do not feel overwhelm. If your HP gets low have Virginia heal you.

Steel is kneeling on one knee and appears to be in pain.

Steel: "You fight just like him. Ruthless."
Dan: "Excuse me."
Steel: "Your darker side. Your negative. He who sleeps in you."
Dan: "Shut up."
Steel: "Huhahahahaha. Hahahaha."

(Steel summons forth negative energy and disappears)

Dan looks around and notices that the beautiful warrior that fought along side him was gone. Dan begins to walk alone down a path.

Chapter One: Enigmatic Intentions

Dan begins to wonder what Steel was talking about. He began to remember a voice in his head that had been there since childhood. He remembers that the entity started calling himself Karl Live. Karl would sometimes speak through Dan, having others think that it was Dan.

Dan comes across a traveling genie by the name of Lady Rose Rogers.

Rose: "Hey there handsome wanderer. You have pretty eyes and your all... shiny."
Dan: "Your bothering me, go away."
Rose: "Aw. Come on. I have a gift for you."
Dan: "Fine, what is it?"
Rose: "3 wishes to be granted."
Dan: "3 wishes?"
Rose: "3 wishes. 1. 2. 3!"
Dan: "I wish you would leave me alone. I wish you was not so annoying and I wish I would awaken from this bad dream."
Rose: "Done. Done. And Do..
(Rose begins to cry and lets out a horrid scream)

(Huge explosion)

Karl had just tricked her into separating them by wishing it having her think that it was Dan. Lady Rose Rogers had made an oath: Never to grant wishes to benefit evil or she would be stripped from of her powers for 100 years. After Karl became gained his physical form, the explosion of negative energy sent Dan and Lady Rose flying into the ground, knocking them unconscious.

Karl: 'Your pathetic! You actually believe that you could contain me?"
Rose: "...No...what have I done?"
Karl: "Shut up, b***h!"

Karl fires a bolt of dark energy at Rose, sending her to the edge of a cliff.

Karl: "Allow me to show my appreciation for waking me up.'
Karl: "Death!"

Karl kicks her off the cliff and turns his attention to a still unconscious Dan.

Karl begins to slap Dan repeatedly.

Karl: "Wake up you b*****d!"
Karl: "Wake!"
Karl: "The!"
Karl: "F***!"
Karl: "UP!"
Karl: "Your making this too easy.

Karl quickly tried to kill Dan but felt that if he did, he would die as well. Despite his desire to be stronger than his alter-self, Karl cannot bring himself to kill Dan and gained the powers 211 Steel had mentioned (wanna know more about the power, view Karl Live's profile). Leaving Dan defeated, Karl moves on to seek out Kronovox and discover what 211 Steel had spoke of. Karl leaves him alive but goes on a murderous rampage in a nearby town.

Dan wakes up being nursed back to health by Virginia in the same lab he had previously escaped. She then points out that most of his skin is deteriorating. Dan quickly figures out that the blast of negative energy was the 'cause of it, but before he could mention it an unfamiliar voice comes into the room.

Unfamiliar Voice: "It's a self curse, one who has successfully separated oneself from all evil."

Dan: "Tell me what do you know?"

Dr. D: "First off, let me introduce myself: I am Dr Darius Malcom Favors, a scientist specializing in robotics and curses. I am the one who gave you your new eye, arm, and leg. You must trust me if you want to destroy Karl Live."


The Doctor fondles his glasses and prepares his story.

Dr D: "It started when-"
Dan: 'Wait a minute your that girl from before. The one who helped me defeat Steel."
Virginia: "Yes. My name is Virginia. He's been spotted in a nearby town. Along with Karl and a mysterious woman."
Dan: "Epic? Could it be?"
Virginia: "Oh, you know who the woman is? Let's go get them."
Dan: "You staying with me this time?"

Virginia smiles then nods yes.

Dr. D: I have some things to finish up in my shop. I will meet you there later."
Dr D: "Vi. Explain to him on the way but leave out the details he does need to know just yet."
Dan scorns at the Doctor.
Virginia: "Will do. Come on handsome."

(Virginia joins the party.)

Virginia: "Wait. One last thing. A cloaked figure ask us to give this to you."
Dan: My father's blade? How'd you-"
Virginia: "It seems to hold awesome power."
Dan: "I don't know. My father never let me touch it."

Virginia hands Dan the blade. The blade begins to howl in Dan's hand.

(Dan obtain's his father's blade: The Demented!)

Dan: "Did you hear that."
Virginia: "Hear what?"
Dan: "...nothing."

Dan and Virginia head north, down the same path Dan was walking on before. They come across the same spot where he had met Rose and Karl had awakened. Dan stops and begins to look down.

Virginia: "Hey. Don't worry about it."

Dan looks up with a brooding look.

Dan: "I do believe you have some explaining to do."
Virginia: "So I do."

Virginia begins to explain but is interrupted by what sounds like rocks moving. Dan and Virginia quickly turn to see...Rose?

Dan: "Your alive?"
Rose looks at Dan with a blank stare.
Dan: "What's wrong? Can't talk?"
Rose sticks out her tongue as a rude gesture and brings her hand to her mouth.
Virginia: "Your hungry? I don't get it?"
Rose shakes her head no and points at Dan. She sticks out her tongue as a rude gesture and brings her hand to her mouth.
Virginia: "You wanna eat...Dan?"
Rose grits her teeth in frustration.
Virginia: "I am so confused."
Dan finally gets it. idea
Dan: "She's a genie. I kinda made a wish that she would not be annoying. I guess I was talking about her voice. Rose, was it?"
Rose begins to jump up and down while clapping.
Dan: "I am terribly sorry. Perhaps you could accompany us? I am sure we could find a way to get your voice back. This world is full of brilliant scientists.
Rose shrugs then throws a thumb up and winks.
Virginia still has a bewildered look on her face.

(Rose joins the party.)

(More coming soon)

Thanks for reading! sweatdrop
Dan Lamb aka The Ghost

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