Height: 5,5

Weight: 108-115lb

type: Slim

pet peeves: may,plz (ex. may i plz use this, plz stop)

zOMG!: Im a WoW type of person, zOMG is like WoW. Im usually CC in a fight but I can also use support healing if I have to.

summary: im ok with everyone just dont piss me off, favorites colors are black, midnight blue, silver, and red. Hate writting yet im good at it so i dont do it often on my own time. I love Driving, Airsoft, and Computers.

Airsoft: My Primary gun is a german modded G36, It is a Sniper rifle Fitted for moderate shots and The extended barrel can be removed for Full-Auto combat abilities. My secondary gun is a Walther P99 Single shot with a dark grey Two Tone color. Last but not Least is my Special, My Homemade Claymore Grenade, Just pull the string then shake hard place with the end facing the door and then run like Heck.