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DaiSaver is who I am. My old display name was DyneIX, after DaiSanSei, before that it was shotrick if anyone remembers or not.
K for starters my old display name comes from my manga I work on called A.R.K. its the name of a powered version of the Trinity special finishers (Genbu-Tenshouha, Suzaku-Genkishoudan, Seiryu-Kageshouga) and it means Great Three Star if i remember it.
I also go by Hero too.
I'm a good guy I believe... I try to help those in need, to give a smile on peoples faces, try to resolve things by talking it out, and don't discriminate people who are new to anything cause we were all new at one point right?
I draw a lot and you can see some of my art here, but most of it is on my DeviantArt under SquidcannoN.
I also have a YouTube channel. You can watch me play (and suck at) some games in Solo Act, Watch me and my friend Squish play games while talk about stuff in Talkthroughs or watch us kick the crap out of each other in Smash Brothers. All are under the name TheEvilSquirtle.
Oh i also have tendencies to be random...


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Ending to one of my favorite games.


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What A.R.K. is about

K alot of people have been asking me what A.R.K. is about. Well I'm here to tell you. Oh P.S. my avi is a cosplay of main character Genbu Shin when he's 19. A.R.K. is about a race of half human half animals known as zoanthropes that live in an

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Of Velvet Smiles Report | 05/03/2017 2:12 am
Of Velvet Smiles
SENPAI. -Tackles- Ahhh, it's been a while... I'm sorry I haven't been around as much, but hello again! ; w;
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 01/19/2016 9:42 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
S-Senpai? ; w; Are you still around~? Just wanted to say I miss youuu and I haven't forgotten about you at all!
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 12/26/2014 12:04 am
Of Velvet Smiles
Eheheh, thank youuuu! Actually, my sister just got me a PS4 this Christmas... o uo;;
I hope you got what you wanted too!! ^_^
OH, you do...?! May I... may I get your friend code and PSN~? > w<
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 12/24/2014 5:39 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
Aah, that's so cool!! > w< Hehe, I wouldn't mind watching some of your Let's Plays!
Eheheh, the consoles I currently have now are the PSP, PSVita, 3DS, PS3, annnd... I think that's it? I feel like I'm missing some, but those are the ones I remember for now... o uo
Oh, oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, SENPAI! I hope you have a great one!! ^_^ I also hope you've been well~
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 11/12/2014 11:41 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
Aww, a hassle... really? D8 But everyone loves game time! x3
I really wish there was an online co-op game we could play together... T uT
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 11/02/2014 2:48 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
Oh, I'm happy to hear that! And ooh, nerd things? o uo Hehe, that sounds like fun! > w<
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 10/23/2014 3:29 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
Aaahh, it's nice to hear from you toooo~ ; u; And I missed you!

I hope you've been doing well? c:
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 10/20/2014 5:54 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
Oh, and... I know this is super duper late (which I'm sos orry about), b-but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I hope you had a great one! <3
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 10/20/2014 5:52 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
Hehehe~ Ooh, that's so cool! O uO Let's Plays are always so entertaining~ Do you play horror games? Senpai, Senpai, can I have the name of your Youtube channel~? I want to watch you when I have the time! 8D
Jurassic Acid Report | 09/05/2014 11:13 pm
Jurassic Acid
Bits of a song
In your eyes I'm looking for any kind of sign...

↓ ~‎♥~ ↓ ‎

Probably late but happy birthday anyways!!

↑ ‎~♥~ ↑ ‎
... to let me know that I can put my faith in you.
By Alex Day


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