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I Stand Before You

I stand here, before you and the 'beast' which dwells at my back.
But my stance is not one of offence, and I do not seek to take arms against the creature that stares down at me,
As I stare towards you.
I stare towards you with passivity and patience,
for I do hope that you will listen to my plea of passion,
let us preserve the beasts within us.
That which stands, abridged by pain and emotion
As the products of time.
Let us not tamper with the gears that are innate,
we need not tamper with, but may always advance the knowledge for which we align ourselves.

But my stance is not one of offence, and I do not seek to take arms against you, in order for you to realize this.
I stand here with a tool of elucidation,
I only wish to merge my shadow with your light and equilibrate the standards of our existence.
I certainly only wish for you to see the truth, without having a truth to see certainly.

And so, with my sole upon this earth I show you my soul:
my vulnerability.
I stand here with a mask of truth, for it is not existent in a definitive mold, and so I shield myself from its dogmatism.
Yet, I peer through it, with yet another naked eye.

Perhaps you will see to understanding, or relating with, the view of my equitable standing.
Perhaps you will dismiss the will to tread beyond me, to tread with the will of an avenger,
and reap but only the act of violence in itself.

I stand before you,
as the human of which I once obscured,
to see beyond the bridge of our illusions,
to see the beasts which dwell within us all.
To respect and tame them.
I give you my being and present to you my mind.
Now, please tell me,
Where is yours?


For every soul, there is a beast. It walks with us as we traverse these lands, attempting to battle more than ourselves.


They Who Reek of Interest

[Pandemon] on 01/26/2020


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      She packed my bags last night, preflight...

      I once tread tired but fulfilling footsteps; they, however, were empty patches in the ground.
      My cognitive identity may have changed, life may have disillusioned me or I may have disillusioned myself from life...But it's intriguing nonetheless, to bear a mask of the unknown but not know who I was beneath it or why I chose to obscure a handsome reflection.

      Note of Interest:

      - You may refer to me as "Zan", preferably.

      - I bear both a mechanical mind and a human heart.

      - I am a soul detached from the 'soul', in the context of a societal occupant, yet I occupy society with hopes of retaining my own.

      - I was once a pseudo-deity; vanity corrupts the mind of those masked by arrogance.

      ...It's cold out here in space.


      you're just a smooth criminal baby.
      can't handle it yo.

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