I am::

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User ImageA glutton
User ImageIndesicive
User ImageForgiving
User ImageLonely
User ImageSomeone who likes to be alone
User ImageSet on what I want to be
User ImageA hopeless Romantic that doesn't believe in Love
User ImageEnthusiastic
User ImageNegative
User ImageUnderstanding
User ImageStubborn
User ImageModest
User ImageSmart
User ImageNaive
User ImageCreative
User ImageA believer
User ImageReligious
User ImageTalkative
User ImageContent with who I am.
User ImageA thinker
User ImageA fast talker who doesn't think sometimes before speaking
User ImageComplicated
User ImageSimple...
User ImageHard to Understand
User ImageScared&Brave
User ImageScared of Life
User ImageReady for it's challenges

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My family

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Is all over the place. So yeah. My little brother in real life on here, his Username is Orgyz. Get it, because I use to be Orgasmz? What ever, if you don't you're lame. Family is more important to me then breathing, I'd give my life to see them happy and live without a care in the world and no one to hurt them. That's just how I am... I'm sure most people are.
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Crazed Misfit

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/05


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I promised you I'd never forget...

-Nightmare Jutsu- A.k.a. Mady-san

[M]y best friend in the whole wide world! I think about her every day, and I don't know what I'd do if she ever forgot about me. She is the person that can always always pick me up when I'm down, and she doesn't pretend around me, and I love that about her. I wouldn't change a thing! Except probably shrink her down because I'm tired of her growing! Lol. I would have never thought in a thousand years that I would meet someone like her, she is the greatest friend I have, and probably will ever have. I don't want to loose her, and I swear, if anyone ever hurts her, I will curse them to the grave, and then throw a brick through their window and hope it hits them. Lol. I couldn't even imagine my life without knowing her, all those times I felt like I was alone, and no one cared, she always seemed to bring me out of my darkest times. When boys where complete dicks, she always made me laugh about it, when I felt like breaking down and crying, running away, giving up on life, and just plain out quitting, she always seemed to shake me out of my state of stupidness. Out of all my friends, and acquaintances, she will forever stand out in my heart, and she will always hold a place in my soul as My Best friend, and Sister. Lets become known together, and take the world by store.
They say blood is thicker then water, but bonds are unbreakable. Especially when you know they are true.