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Crash Skratchfairy

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Gender: Male

Location: North West

Birthday: 05/23/1993


Hey, I'm Kire -pronounced "cry" not "keer" or like "fire" with a k
Yeah, I'm aware that's not how it should be pronounced. I like that about my name heart
I like boys. I also like tomatoes. I blame the second for the first.
I have an unabashed hatred for stupidity in all of its forms. I also love being mean. Being a sarcastic smartass is just about the only thing I’m good at. Oh yeah, and my friend wants me to add "looking like an indiot 80% of the time, by playing in traffic" to that.
I believe that without art and music society crumbles into a mindless pool of human garbage.

I hate owls.
But I love Captain Planet

Things no one ever reads.

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"Your toast has been burned, and no amount of scraping will remove the black parts."
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check it out??

People that love me. hahah, kidding :D


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StrawberryRhubarb Report | 01/27/2010 6:44 pm
Rofl, I am glad!
I love Gogol more than kittens.
Eugene's mustache is SO pretty.
Cherita Chen Report | 01/23/2010 1:40 am
Cherita Chen Report | 01/22/2010 8:02 pm
and blood red ones
Cherita Chen Report | 01/22/2010 7:09 pm
my boots are fairly new
Cherita Chen Report | 01/22/2010 5:01 pm
awwww i wear 11
Cherita Chen Report | 01/21/2010 6:58 pm
lol what size are these white boots you spoke of?
TemptingPoision Report | 12/20/2009 8:28 pm
Yea im getting a little notebook for christmas~ im sooo excited!
TemptingPoision Report | 12/17/2009 3:41 pm
im good smile my laptop fried so i dont get on the internet much lately. i have a scary mob of friends wanting to chase me down with pitch forks because of it lol
TemptingPoision Report | 12/16/2009 8:03 pm
Hi! im back! i haven't talked to you in a while smile
pokemonfan97 Report | 11/11/2009 8:09 am
thanks for buying!

"There's no school
like the old school
and I'm the ********