It's comic!

You must be a lovely person to be stopping by, and I hope you will stay a little bit and read on. But not too long now, that can get creepy for the other visitors in the house, who's names you can find listed below. :]

I'm Comic, and I've been a member of this community since two oh oh five. I'm a bit of an oldbie, yes, and I take some pride in that every once and a while.

I don't get online nearly as much as I used to, but feel free to send me a message, I'll be notified of it rather quickly if I do say so myself. Simple rule about myself, I don't accept friends requests unless I've talked to you at least once through messages or elsewhere.

I like to lurk around quest threads and art shops, and have been known to give random donations...but other than that you will find me in the guild world, particularly in the 20,000 Poll Guild. I'm proud to say that I am the captain of this fabulous place, and it would be nice to see you there!

I am constantly in need of avi art, so if you want to zip me a PM about it, and your prices are somewhat reasonable, that would be great!

I play WoW, talk to me if you're Burning Legion - Alliance