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hey silly!!!! the names aly (NOT ALLISON) so get it right ahaha! okk the first thing ima say is hhhhmmm... ohh rightt...omg! ahaha the dance at lexington was soo fun... and alot of my close friends could answer that question for you... ahaha. anywayss the best thing about me would be i love a good adventure!!! like meeting ppl. even though its all new to me i met alot of ppl...better than some of my old friends... and omg i dont like drama.!!! especially girls and guys who start stuff for nooo reason!!!! like ppl calling me a slut at lexington. its not true. and why me? they should see the other girls.... its just stupid and ppl get in fights all the time because of it!!!!! whether its boyfriends best friends or just good friends its still messed up to say something that isnt true you know???? so im pretty sure you dont wanna here any other stuff ima say soo thats all you need to know (or want to?) or did i miss something............. whatever haha bye
ahahaha and ohh! katelyn! its your fault you got kicked outa the dance for grinding! ahaha i told you to come in the middle with me! THEN MR. DOROSKY WOULDNT SEE YOU!!!!! ahaha your fault!! <3

i pledge allegiance to the mask that'lll carry whisky in my flask, for those of you to disss hu i'll leave you with a bloody mess, for we are family, you and i, 3 cheers for you we all shall cry, all day all night our flags will fly the undead army til the day we die..... <3
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i could be your cupcake, you could make my body shake, we can make an earthquake....;)