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-This is my first trademark avi, more or less:

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-She's a newt.
-Not a gecko.
-There is a difference.
-Just so you know. mrgreen

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Thanks to everyone for their votes and/or comments! smile

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A friend of mine directed me to this place some time ago. I've taken a mild hiatus but I'm back. Well, sort of. smile

Anyway, I'll get a start on this About Me section here:

Okay, this is an odd place to start, but it'll do. I'm a furry. It's probably not what you think. There are many levels of furry, but mine's pretty tame. I don't own and have never worn a fursuit. I've never been to a convention or, uh, yiffed with anyone. I am definitely not into bestiality. (Most of us aren't.) In safe online spaces (and this isn't generally one of those places, so I'm taking a major risk here) I may present myself as my "fursona" which I'll get to in a sec. Yeah, I have a fursona. You could also call it a personal totem, or even a daemon if you want to get young adult fantasy on me. My totem reflects my personality.

That's what makes me a furry.

Oh, and my totem animal? The North American porcupine. Porcupines can be friendly animals, believe it or not. Like many other rodents they can be pretty tame. Not that I'd recommend trying to turn one into a pet. DON'T DO IT. They are pacifists, but they are very defensive pacifists. Don't threaten a 'pine, and they won't threaten you. They are nocturnal critters (and hey, here I am up at 11:30 at night writing this), myopic and physically a bit slow, but more intelligent than people take them for. And, okay, they're kinda dumpy. What can you do? Not everyone can be a fox.

[This "About Me" section is a work in progress. Stay tuned?]



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Thank you to Kim Ocean for the Daisy Sandals and

Thank you to an anonymous benefactor for Trigger the Caiman!


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Slytherin Jen Report | 07/31/2011 7:07 am
Slytherin Jen
Your avatar is gorgeous. I took the Song of Fire and Ice quiz and got Bran Stark. smile
Anika Kaiya Report | 04/09/2011 9:08 pm
Anika Kaiya
Just wanted to drop by to tell you how adorable your avatar is!
Panovia Report | 06/26/2010 11:15 am
I hate it when adults yell at you for meaningless things, even if you didn't do it. :c
Panovia Report | 06/25/2010 7:56 pm
Ever yell at you for nothing during the test?
Panovia Report | 06/25/2010 7:53 pm
Yeah..but the teacher should have been more trained. gonk
Panovia Report | 06/25/2010 7:46 pm
Poor..frogs. emo
Panovia Report | 06/25/2010 7:43 pm
Anything embarrassing ever happen in your class?
Like..the preppiest girl throwing up.
The jock sniffing the guts.
Panovia Report | 06/25/2010 7:40 pm
Biology's fun for experiments ~
Back in elementary school, only like 3 a year, max.
Panovia Report | 06/25/2010 7:36 pm
My best subject. cool
What's your best?
Panovia Report | 06/25/2010 7:31 pm
Learn the basic stuff.
LIKE. Diving big numbers. -whoo- 8D

I some of her homework when she asks for help.
I once made her do all of it by herself and she got a low A or high B, I'm not sure.


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