Turn your face away from the garish light of day, turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light, and listen to the music of the night...

*SirTracey---Kiki Kitty, Sweetheart Silver Pendant, Western Zodiac, Jenny's Secretive A-line Dress, Silver Promise Ring, Heart Shaped Box of Sweets, Red Forbidden Skirt, Pink Sparkle Empire Dress, Silver Tiara with Ruby, Jack's Bat Clip, Poinsettia Hairpiece, Pink Tank Top With Highlights, Red Snowflake Boxers, Natural Coral Oblong Beads, Pink Rose Wristlett Corsage, Morgana's Gloves, Cow Bell
*Ldy Dhampir---Ice Tiara, Angelic Camisole, Angelbow, Winter Rose, Labu Necklace, Bachelor's Cap, Burn Hot Top, Raving Red Hoochie Top, Lifeguard Red One Piece Swimsuit, Ballerina's Circlett, Lucky Star, Kiki Inner Tube, Easter Chickies, Spirited 2k6 Corsage, Caramel Cheesecake, Classic Partition Top, Black Lace-up Cork Sandals, Red Lion Banner, Purple Snuggle Dresser, Long-stem Pink Rose, Baby Pink Fuzzy Bathrobe, Candy Stripe Underwear, Tennis Ball
*Tesummers07---Red Paintbrush, Rose in a Vase, Fire Flower, Gold Star Face Tatoo, Framed Gaia Artwork #18
*Chrissy_McCloud---Ruby Butterfly Terrycloth Tube-Top, Drop Necklace, Charcoal Bubbles Tankini Top, Charcoal Bubbles Tankini Bottom, Rose Tea Time Waitress Dress, wedding doves and ribbons, enchanted book 4th generation, angelbow, white bun-bun plushie, magical girl, coco kitty plushie,
panda plushie, iced sugarplum puff sleeves, doll ears, blushing brides
embroidered skirt, blushing brides embroidered bodice, ballerina's circlet, golden yellow ribbon, fancy pink ribbon, gray puffy hat, easter bunny ears, pink nordstorm hat, dress of the swan, pink scott shirt, jenny's sweet a-line dress,
lovely genie pink bangled bra, ballet toe shoes, felicia's gloves, coco inner tube, pink strapless bra, black strapless bra, black and white checkered speedies top, white stockings, grey university skirt, pink scott socks, buttoned down fauna skirt, black and white checkered speedies bottom, onyx milady skirt, fancy slippers, wooden sandals, missy shade shoes, nightwind dragon slippers, silver hoop earrings, baby chickie, cutie chickie, clock egg, pink tank top with highlight, ghosty, pink lemonade checkered kerchief bikini top, ebony butterfly terrycloth tubetop, neutral starter surfer girl hibiscus halter, onyx milady top, pink bow minidress, leap year frog, flashy cut off shorts, pink
lemonade checkered kerchief bikini bottom, easter 2k6 bunny tie, red
roses arm tattoo, the fourth amigo dusty tie, mimzy aura, young mrs. claus' earrings, mimzy, skittles rainbow, hsm microphone
*Lost In The Red---Red Tea Pot, Young Mrs. Claus' Flirty Top, OMFG Box (belted top, which i sold so he donated a bunch of gold lol), Pink Sweetheart Teddy
*pinkbear24---Thick Pink Winter Socks
*Balthazar06---Young Mrs. Claus' Bustier, Beige Buckle Trench Hat, Snow Witch
*Lost Cloud`---11242 gold
*ObLuRe---Wedding Doves and Ribbons (Any)
*iIIidan v2---trash, bugs, flowers, and a blush matte floor tile
*ONLYTONI---Autumn Glory
*FairyTalesNeverCameTrue---Ballet Toe Shoes and Red Nose Reindeer Mask
*MissMissie---Sasha's Red Hibiscus


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