Hi, I'm Domie

Chubsiee (chuhb-s-EE)
-A playful termed used for a person with a little more fat around the edges.
-Also similar to the term "Chubs."

I'm eighteen, freshman in college majoring in English and minoring in art. Although I'm an ex artist and an on and off poet.
I generally don't give a ******** about anything that doesn't even slightly affect me.
I don't believe love has a gender and I don't believe in holding regrets.
I'm aware of my flaws and as much as I don't like most of them, I accepted them.
I'm highly opinionated and I don't care about offending people.
I can be really nasty at times but I do keep my manners up to speed.
Despite all of that, I'm fairly easy to get along with and I don't mind talking to people.
Obsessed with;
Lion King, Coffee, Say Anything, combat boots, Pugs, food, tumblr, fashion, old movies, men with stubble, gore, lace, Vladimir Nabakov, pin up girls, piercings, Cole Mohr, vintage jewelry, tattoos and plenty of other things.