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Donators get their names in big 'cause they rock alotalotalot.
Love these freakin' awesome people, kay? n3n

~Eddou: 10 000 heart heart
~LunarPhantom: 140 000 eek <3333 xabagillion



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Hey who's that guuurl

I don't know where I'm going
I don't know what I'm doing
I don't know what I've done
&I love it&#9829;

Hello peeps C:
I'm the real chibimama~
Yus the real chibimama~
All them other chibimama are just imitatin'
So won't the real chibimama please stand up? Please stand up?
Pretty please? O:&#9829;

Le art :)

&now for some art! n3n
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WHUT <333333333333333333

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Chii from Chobits <333

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'iPocky n___n

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The Art Fairy n3n

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Emofrodyte <3


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Bane Zero Report | 07/13/2007 8:19 am
whut Report | 06/17/2007 12:26 pm
eeew, retests. D: i hope you don't fail that one. i didn't get a call yet (though i really do expect it, i'm so sure i failed x__x).

&&yay n___n it's all quiet in thur, that would be so awesome. <33

ch'you readin'? C:
whut Report | 06/13/2007 8:53 pm
lawl, i took (&failed) my math exam on mondayyyy. e___e i hope you do better than i did, haha @__@''

yeh, it's exam week over here too. x___x and i'mma open another art shop soon, 'cause it's summer and i have time to do crap like that :V haha~
whut Report | 06/12/2007 9:19 am
n 3n issokay. <333 hyellow! how'd the exams go &how is your life? :V <3
whut Report | 05/28/2007 4:54 am

... 28th


ohman i missed you :"D <3333
Poet Report | 05/24/2007 8:56 am
You did make me laugh 3nodding I just like being a sweetiepie
RuneYue Report | 05/23/2007 3:46 pm
I love your mix-match avatar! It's so neat...
Antiq Report | 05/23/2007 2:12 am
Hey its insert witty name Report | 05/22/2007 5:17 pm
I know. I really wish they didn't tease us with that sneak peak of next season.
Hey its insert witty name Report | 05/22/2007 4:23 pm
I like your profile.
Also you're cute.