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I'm pretty laid back, though I am not one of those people who will let you walk all over me forever and not take some sort of action to stop the abuse. I've dealt with a great deal of stuff in life that I really don't know how to put to rest so I have baggage and lots of it. I love music and art, I used to draw a good bit but I haven't done it a great deal lately. I also like reading, I have a large collection that I am expanding, coincidentally my book case is too small and is overflowing. I live with my Girlfriend in Sulphur at the moment, but I am in limbo as I help my dad take care of my brother, who has a problem with authority and has gotten kicked out of school.

I like to listen to other people talk but when it comes to me I don't talk much about the stuff that really bothers me, especially if you'll be around to check up on me and bug me about what I have to say after I'm done talking to you, I like to deal with my own problems. I don't like it when people try to fix things about my life when i don't ask for them to.

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