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Photography Etc. Blog


I'll just copy my about me from my blog, cause i'm lazy and s**t =p


I'm Chris, and I’m a junior at Norwell Highschool. Lately, over the past year or so I’ve gotten really into photography, and photoshop. When I’m older I plan to be a graphic designer, and figure all these hours I spend on photoshop will pay off some day. I photograph mostly anything, but wish I took pictures of people more often, since most of my pictures are landscape and don’t really have any people. So when I get the occasional picture of people or photo session with somebody, I love it. Outside of photography, which is mainly what this blog is about, I’m obsessed with the internet. Theres this online browser based game that I’m obsessed with; Cybernations. It’s not really the game I love so much, but I meet so many people on it, and join forum’s. Takes up a ton of my time, but I’ve met a few really cool dudes that I’m close with.

Outside of the computer, I’m extremely obsessed with music. I play the drums and love jamming with people. Just kicking back on a chair and blasting music from the stereo, yeah I do that a lot. I wouldn’t really say I have a favorite band, what I listen to changes a lot. Most of the time Escape the Fate is pretty high on my list of bands. And there will always be Metallica and Iron Maiden; they’re just classic. I listen to anything from hardcore to heavy metal to ska to punk to alternative to emo to rap to hip hop to pop to anything.

I like writing stuff, and reading, but I definitely don’t do those enough. Apparently I’m good at poems. Not sure if I can say the same about lyrics, but I try.

Life excites me. Although I may look like one of those typical emo kids on the outside, I’m actually really happy and satisfied with life. I love walking, listening to music, talking to friends, the sky, the night, blackness, really dark places, walking through the woods by myself or with anyone, all of my friends, people I don’t know but just decide to talk to online, stalking facebook, writing s**t, swearing when really unecessary, writing like I’m black, talking like I’m black, ditching classes. Yeah, I like life.

I hate a bunch of people though. I hate rich snobs, even though I guess my family is pretty wealthy too. I hate people that don’t give anyone else the time of day, people that look down on others that they should be looking up to, people that thing they’re better than everyone else, people that are stupid. People that don’t think before they do something. People that don’t think at all. Pple tht typp lyk th!s. Stupid people piss me off. Brats piss me off. Boring people piss me off.

I guess I’m relatively quiet in person. I prefer listening to talking. But if you catch me in one of my really hyper moods I just won’t shut up. Actually, if you really know me and I’m used to being around you, I won’t shut up at all. Kind of bipolar that way. Really quiet sometimes, really talkative others.

I like my parents.

Sometimes I type and get way off subject, and then end up writing complete walls of text. Oh wait, I just did that. So, this is my about me that most likely nobody will read, but I don’t care.


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Zombie-Rae Report | 12/12/2009 10:23 am
Hey, I like your music. Btw.
etre gracieux Report | 08/19/2009 5:56 pm
lmfao well alrighty then xD
well i dont know which is more.. faggy
because i dont have either xD

etre gracieux Report | 08/07/2009 10:50 am
ooh it reminds me of twitter
cause of the whole follow thing?
but i know tumblr is older right? xD

etre gracieux Report | 08/07/2009 9:46 am
wow thanks o:<
ive heard of it
but i dont know what that is .____. xD
etre gracieux Report | 07/22/2009 9:18 am
you neeed to come on more often
i had to check what we were talking about D<
Satan and Sodomy Report | 07/21/2009 10:26 pm
Your signature is amazing.
etre gracieux Report | 07/09/2009 8:43 am
ahahh xD

so i guess gaia just
isnt good enough for
you? D:

etre gracieux Report | 07/01/2009 9:05 am
why yes i do[[x

its ok;
you have a life go live it
not on gaia like us loserrs

etre gracieux Report | 06/29/2009 6:31 pm
you know you should like so come on just so
you can talk to the people you never talk to
anymore like me? xD

etre gracieux Report | 06/27/2009 12:00 pm
hey long time no talk[:

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