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look at this old thing holy heck I want to die

Holy guacamole >>

Welllllll i've been here for a while. I wasn't very active on the site for the past couple of years since my old friends left, and also

it's fake money why

ANNNYWAY I go by Mo. Nice to meet ya! I'm kind of a nerd, mostly into vidya games and the like (actually the BIGGEST of zelda nerds). I'm in college studying graphic design/illustration and i work a ton of retail jobs weeps

I don't know if im really gonna be on here much but I just thought it'd be kinda fun to spend some time in a place I used to be so devoted to ahaha. I'm also a resident of deviantART and the like (same username all over the interwebs) so if you wanna check out my works you can head over there. thanks for stopping by!

~ Mo <3