Greetings, one and everyone. This section has been blank since I first arrived in Gaia in ... let's see, I was in 11th grade when I joined.... ah. 2004. So, it's about time I actually recorded something.

I've just turned 23 (obaaaaaaaaaasan!), and to date I've moved a total of 13 times. On average, that's about once every other year, and then some. Quite a bit, don't you agree? I've just recently moved to Colorado to start a new life....this is about the third time I've done something similar. Hopefully this time it works out.

In the scheme of things, I'm relatively new to the anime world. In fact, I didn't start becoming truly obsessed until I was about 16, which is considered "late blooming" in some circles. Sure, I snuck the portable television set into my room to watch Digimon and Beast Wars (which isn't really anime to begin with) when I thought nobody was looking all the way through my freshman year....but Americanized anime just isn't the same. There's quite a bit that is, unfortunately, lost in translation with dubs. I'm a bit of a purist. Always have been.

I suppose I draw decently...not a whole lot to be said there. I enjoy it. That's all that counts. I doubt that I'll ever make a career of it though.

Obviously I have no idea whatsoever what BBCode is, or this profile would be stupendous.

Reading is my emotional outlet. It's an escape of sorts - a drug, if you will. Or won't. I honestly don't care. I will say this: I loved Twilight before anybody loved Twilight. Now I can't help but despise what it's become - a sort of b*****d child that has stumbled into the lime-light, and has subsequently decided to reduce itself to snobbery. Pinkies up, darlings!

Games. Ah, video games. My platform of choice is anything related to Playstation....though I have not attempted anything on PSP. I may have to purchase one for the sole purpose of playing Disidia, however, since I have a horrible addiction to all things Final Fantasy.

The other game I often find myself obsessing over is DDR. I currently own DDR Max, DDR Max 2, DDR Extreme (US version), DDR Extreme 2, DDR Supernova, and DDR Supernova 2. I initially purchased DDR X, thinking that it would be as awesome (if not more so) than its predecessors, and was severely disappointed. They amped up the difficulty measurement (for example, in DDR Max an 8 step song would be the equivalent of a 10 step song in DDR X), and dummied down the songs, added more rap, and crapified the cell shading. I sold it back to Game Stop after one week.

That's about all, my dear friends. And just remember, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, girls protect your innocence as if it were your only child, finish school, play to your inborn strengths, and above all, blood may taste sweeter than water, but it is much less satisfying.