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l am a complete anime convention lover! I usually cosplay Temari, from Naruto, but am looking to try something new. Maybe some suggestions? Yoruichi from Bleach is my main target!!!


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Olivia Anderson Report | 06/22/2012 12:07 pm
Olivia Anderson
Your avi is rlly cool smile
Ur Mouth On My Down South Report | 02/21/2012 1:18 am
Ur Mouth On My Down South
I like your signature. emotion_dowant
Vice Admiral Alexi Stukov Report | 02/20/2012 3:10 pm
Vice Admiral Alexi Stukov
No reason to be alone
YyoungChris Report | 04/10/2011 2:18 pm
you need a tail to turn ssj4 rolleyes
Daring Scylla Report | 03/28/2011 12:19 pm
Daring Scylla
If you have a facebook, please examine this event to see if you want to help Japan.
Daring Scylla Report | 03/27/2011 11:23 am
Daring Scylla
I'm in forums
And in the meanwhile
You'll see ways to help Japan
Should you check out my profile.

By changing your avatar
To red and white
I'll build care packages
To assist the fight.
Daring Scylla Report | 03/25/2011 6:53 pm
Daring Scylla
Your continuation is witty;
I admit I'm impressed
It's not often you find one
Who can rhyme with the best

But Gaara has taken
A special place in my heart
Something sets him
And other characters apart

Perhaps it's his face
Perhaps it's his past
But Gaara's pretty neat
So I hope he will last.

For whatever reason
Of Orochimaru I'm fond
Something about him
Causes me to respond

It could be that tongue [ xp ]
Maybe the face
But Orochimaru's cool
And quite to my taste

I enjoy Kakashi
And Sasori as well
Who my favorite is
Is a hard fact to tell

But whatever the manga
No matter the fic
I'd love to discuss them
Any time you pick. wink
Daring Scylla Report | 03/25/2011 2:50 pm
Daring Scylla
I'm glad to be added
But there's a thought I must sound:
Gaara looks spooky
In your background.
OverlordLunacy Report | 03/21/2011 5:35 pm
I got the announcement and proceeded to exclaim over and over on how much I wanted a coatl. The lowest before I refreshed was 500k and I despaired. Then I refreshed and got it. ^_^ I SO HAPPY!!! LUVS ALL OVER YOU!!!
puppy9112 Report | 03/11/2011 8:23 pm
Heeeyyy! Haven't talked in forever!!!!! smile You guys should come visit one day, especially over the summer!!!! smile

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