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formerly last of kin

i am twentytwo

i'm not you, i'm not like you, and i don't want to be like you

i'm not 100% unique. i conform sometimes. but its a choice

i taught your girlfriend how to do that thing you like

i believe beauty can be found even in the most tragic of things

i've grown up in washington and yes, seattle really is as awesome as they say

my sport of choice is extreme tag/hideandseek amidst empty grocery store aisles

when in a crowd i usually look for a person that stands out. they are the people that make things interesting.

im a night person so dont even bother talking to me before eleven am

Est-ce que tu fait quoi avec mon mere? xD

not a huge fan of bad spelling/grammar or chat speak. excessive use may lead to the abrupt end of our conversation

zelda = <3

musicians are teh sex

avi art is my friend

music preference = constantly changing
most of todays music is canned bullsh*t

starbucks is a corporate addiction

i am terribly aware of what people think of me though i could care less if its positive or not

i play nine instruments ... five of them well xD

the mirror is an audience and deserves to be sung to in the mornings

i love literate RPers who know how to help a story line progress <333

my eyes constantly change from blue to gray to green ... it sucks

[as close as you will get to seeing my face]




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