Im 16 smile
BE MY FRIEND smile .I love the color Purple and i wanna be a playboy bunny when i get older smile . i play feild hockey and softball. Im not a whore so if ur gonna try and have internet sex with me find some one els cause im not the one. IM STRAIGHT. music is my life if i didnt have Music and Blake id kill myself in a second. something u sould know about me is i like to include people so if i randomly walk up to u and tell u to sit with me... TALK! my Birthday is on February 14th. and i was born in 1995. i came into this world to CHANGE it smile im a hige hippy it what i love to do. if u dont like me kiss my milky whit a** cause ur gonna be pumpin my gas one day. DUCES blaugh
R.I.P NICOLA M. CROWE. WE IN THERE NIGGAASS!!! <33 I miss you so much baby girl. Sleep tight heart
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvMY FAVE SONG!!!vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
heart I know that someday you'll be sleeping darling, Likely dreaming of the pain.
I Hope you'll hear me in the streetlights humming, softly breathing out your name.
I know that even with the seems stitched tightly Darling, Scars with remain.
I say we scrape them from eachother darling and let them wash off in the rain.
and when they run into the river OH NO let the water Not comlain.
I swear that even if the distance slowly wearing out your name.
Your hands still catch the light the right way and our hearts still beat the same heart

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Total Value: 4,835,249 Gold
Item List:
Lovely Genie Gold Bangle Bracelets
Lovely Genie Gold Bangle Bracelets
Baby Pink Towel
Silver Laurels
Shell Collection
Shell Collection
Demonic Anklets
Trendy Dark Skinny Jeans
Victorianna Tea Rose Lace Blouse
Diapered Egg 2nd gen.
Carlos the Alpaca
Compass of Seidh 3rd Gen
Light Spirit
The Lusty Scoundrel