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Cancerous Vanity

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Gender: Male

Location: United Kingdom

Birthday: 06/14/1991

Occupation: Games Dev Student

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Photo of myself above this writing, well obviously redface

I is a female, incase you didn't know.

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XIIVVV Report | 07/06/2012 6:11 am
cool avi
Johnny The Dark Wanderer Report | 08/07/2011 1:03 am
Vanity? Are you out there somewhere?
Aloha Snackbar Report | 11/28/2010 5:28 am
Thank you smile
Lucia LeFay Report | 11/09/2010 8:51 am
PLS Vote ^^
Johnny The Dark Wanderer Report | 10/28/2010 7:06 pm
I barely noticed the computer reflection off your glasses in your picture. It's too small and reflected to make out what's going on.At first i thought it was the natural shine of your glasses.How's your boyfriend doing? still commanding him around? XD i could somewhat imagine you driving your BF around XD what a sight...But who am i to laugh, a man whose girlfriend drives him around as well? XD
My girlfriend:Stop typing and come give me a massage you pervert! scream
Yes Dear stare this woman's drivin me crazy,Vanity.
My GF:What did you call me?!
Nothing,Darling smile heart (XD)
My GF biggrin on't try to pull any dirty tricks,pervert stare

In reality my Girl isn't that forceful.She will force if its necessary.I'm just exaggerating mrgreen
Johnny The Dark Wanderer Report | 10/26/2010 8:36 pm
Awesome Avi Sister biggrin makes me think of a mysterious stranger out in the sidewalk smoking or something like that.
Johnny The Dark Wanderer Report | 10/26/2010 8:12 pm
I see.I stopped celebrating Haloween cause i'm too old for it.I'm an old man(i'm 16, but i consider myself an old man cause i hunch,and i have retainers which i call dentures) My friend and girlfriend call me grandpa Johnny.I ask my girl: "Where's my prune juice,woman?" she answers:get it yourself you old geezer" XD I play checkers,and i am somewhat easily irritable.My parents called me grandpa grouchy. I can say i'm immature for my age,but being young is what keeps people from becoming cold,hard shells and miserable in life.
Johnny The Dark Wanderer Report | 10/26/2010 4:30 pm
Hi Sister biggrin i like that song Camoflauge by Isolation.Makes me think of sneaking around as Ezi,Alty,or Des killing Templars in a warehouse.It reminds me of the game Splinter Cell:Conviction.Do you celebrate Haloween? i don't.
Johnny The Dark Wanderer Report | 10/22/2010 4:59 pm
Awww heart what a cuteb doggy biggrin
Johnny The Dark Wanderer Report | 10/19/2010 4:19 pm

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