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Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/23/1990


Name: K.
Real name: Unavailable.
Age: Above 18 under 30. I don't have more than superficial friendships with people under 18. Sorry to me it is a point of physical maturity and that is a perspective I am entitled to, your butt hurt aside if it upset you.
Height: 5'6 and a half (175cm)
Weight: 150lbs (68.0389kg)
Body Type: Semi Athletic
Hair color: White and Black (fading to a blonde and brown)
Relationship Status: Selectively single.
Sexual Orientation: Contrary to popular belief I like women
Favorite Tarot Card: The world
Favorite Console Game: Persona 2
Favorite Handheld Console Game: Final fantasy tactics war of the lions
Favorite MMO: Atlantica Online
Favorite Food: Ramen
Favorite Drink: Rockstar Burner
Favorite Alcoholic beverage: Kracken 48% black spice rum with octopus ink.
Favorite past time: Running.
Favorite Quote: The snow falls enveloping all in white like a sinner trying to forget their sins.


My info is to the left. I am not worth knowing.

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