My favorite song!!

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another fav! ^.^

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my 3rd fav! ^^ hehe

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wha im wearing ^^


About Chuu!! ^-^

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hii!! guys!! ok for all u guys know my name is Chuu!..(odd name rite..??..dont blame me blame my mom whee ) umm im 16 im female..obviously razz I have a boyfriend i think. idk i havent talked to him in like forever!.
umm im asian. i dont speak it though im completely english !
i live in signapore i love it here its great!! =^-^=

oh this is my bf whee isnt he cute? :

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i pretty much think hes hotter!! idk everything! blaugh

oh and this is me! =^.^= :

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meow! lol jk!!..umm..well i dont hav to describe mai looks..i guess..

>.< domokun idk what else to say?? i like gir dont u?! lol.

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u kno wut? i thought..gir was obssessed with a pink piggy..ummm this thing


wut happen to luvin that pink piggy??? its really cute!! heart blaugh blaugh

lol ok ok ummm i guess thats it!!...

pm me or add me if u like! i dont mind ^-^; hehe..!! ok byebye!

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o btw that isnt a demand lol jus letin u kno ninja promise lol. blaugh

i got comments yay ^-^

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donnaf2be1956 Report | 02/20/2008 6:58 am
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-v_v-ForeverTorn-v_v- Report | 12/25/2007 1:18 pm
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Lynne234 Report | 12/16/2007 5:44 am
-DK-Eubanks Report | 11/11/2007 4:31 pm
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P.S. I'm just sending this message to tell my friends how much i care about them. plz don't send back
Iru-Iru Report | 11/07/2007 8:35 pm
Heya. I don't see your pics. o.o

You should get that checked out. XD

Luff ya.

- Aru -
All But Forgotten Report | 11/04/2007 3:05 pm
hi whats up? (and i dont see your pic)
xXOmfg A PoptartXx Report | 11/01/2007 6:34 pm
ur face is scarey. J.K lol
wildrugrats701 Report | 09/29/2007 9:28 pm
random comment
Tavernaas Report | 09/29/2007 9:23 pm
Wow, I love your profile. You're awesome!
xXOmfg A PoptartXx Report | 09/17/2007 7:57 pm
hiya omg ur music on the music thingy is so right

i like leaveing random things XP

o my

i do hope u know this is


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[ I'm pretty bored ATM.

PM me? whee ]


This is Chuu!

C h a r i t y  x X's avatar

Last Login: 06/05/2009 9:13 pm

Registered: 06/04/2007

Gender: Female

Location: Signapore

Occupation: a student

why not contact me? =^.^= meow!

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Im Tasha
cool link

Hi welcome to Chuu's profile! ^-^ *hands a cookie*

Hi there welcome! *blows kiss*