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Byuu: The supposed leader of his brother and son, Byuu is a water elemental from a forgotten nomadic tribe. Nomadic also aptly describes him himself, he's very flighty and flippant, tending go based on his whims and impulses rather than thought. Despite this he's a very pleasant, generally nice and outgoing man.It takes quite a bit to get him off his stride. He can be distinguished by his blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a lithe frame that stands at about 5'11. Make sure not to make too many engagements with him, he is currently off God knows where after a falling out with his elder brother.

Felix: Another of the supposed leader of the three, Felix is a fire elemental and the brother of Byuu. Unlike what you'd expect from a fire elemental, Felix is pretty icy and standoffish. There are many words that begin with emotional that describe him,namely emotional dumb and emotionally wild. Tends to overreact and under react at the same time... Somehow. Isn't the greatest people person and has to put a massive amount of effort into talking, if he feels bothered. Will try to incinerate you if you push it. He can be distinguished by his above average height of 6'3, brown hair and steely, somewhat unfriendly hazel eyes.

Evan: The actual leader of the three, and the youngest, he's an ice elemental who's the son of Byuu. He spends most of his time wrangling his emotionally stupid family and trying to get them to relax. His personality is a mix of his father's and uncle's, he's a generally pleasant person to be around, but tends to have a quick temper if his buttons are pushed properly. He also tends to be a bit of a crybaby and can't handle emotional and sad stories. Started an odd jobs company with his father and uncle to make ends meet, but ultimately ended up being the one with all the responsibility as his father ran off and his uncle is only good for burning things. Likes to show off his powers and make ice related puns to break the ice, haha.. Why are you leaving? He can be distinguished by his blonde hair, a mirror image of his father's, and dark green, friendly eyes. He stands at an average 5'7.

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