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Broken Little Lady

Watchful Eye

I live these few moments in agony
Wondering if someone will ever find me
Just laying here on the cold ground
Not able to make a single sound

My body wounded from the impact of the fall
I can't even get up and crawl
Falling out of a five story window
Not knowing what I would hit below

I hear footsteps not too far away
But I can't scream to ask them to come this way
My throat is full of blood
It feels like it's thick like mud

I hear your voice coming near
It's filled with extreme fear
Now up in your arms
Even now I fall for your charms

I see tears in your eyes
I can feel that you can see my demise
I clear my throat to speak
You come near for my voice is very weak

I said I'd love you til the day I die
But please don't cry
I'll always be here
Even though I won't be near

Forever in my heart you shall stay
I will never really go away
You are my life
You hid me from the worlds strife

I love you with all my heart
And we will never really be apart
Farwell my love
I'll always watch you from above..


My name is Lilly, I am but three
I live with mommy and daddy

Daddy leaves early in the morning
When mommy is still snoring

When she wakes up she looks and yells at me
Throwing her bottle of whiskey

After this I try to find some food in the house
There isn't even enough here too feed a mouse

Mommy blames me for being sick
And she usually hits me with a stick

It dosn't really hurt anymore
I just wish things would be how they were before

Mommy was so nice and loving
Now she just resorts to drinking

Daddy comes home late
Yet mommy still gives him all her fate

He smells like cheap perfume
I know he's been in a hotel room

When daddy comes in
they both come at me with a big grin

Hitting my left arm and leg
They keep going until I start to beg

They leave me alone for a little while
As they leave with a big smile

Daddy leaves for the night again
He says he'll be out with a friend

I lay in my room and as quiet as can be
I don't want mommy to come back at me

But shh I just heard daddy's car
He must be back from Charlie's bar

I hear him yell outside
Then I try to hide

As he opens the front door
I hear his footsepts on the hardwood floor

He opens up my door pushing whats in the way
Peeks in his head and says "It's time to play"

I'm terrified and shaking
On please Lord why is this happening?

He tells me to come out
But I can't move, I just want to scream and shout

He says he'll count to three
Then he finally spotted me

I start to cry
Then he takes a big sigh

He reaches down
and starts to frown

"My little girl" he says
"You're suppose to do what daddy says"

He picked me up by my throat
as I started gripping at his coat

I start to cry and beg him to stop
He just threw me down with a flop

He picked me up again
And said "Just tell me when"

He threw me once more down on my head
I couldn't move; he thought I was dead

He walked away
And waited for a new day

After he left I sat up in fear
Because I knew my time was near

I layed down again on my back
closing my eyes until everything went black

My name is Lilly, I am but three
And tonight my daddy murdered me.

Ever Lasting

I try to hide myself from my past
From when I thought all of this could last
My memories flow through my eyes
Like a new day and the sunrise

I remember how we used to dance
And how I wish we could have a second chance
Dancing to a violin quartet
Your hands around my corset

Your other hand on my shoulder
Then, you pulled me closer
Our bodies together
I wish we could have stayed like that forever

Then I come back to reality
Escaping my perfect fantasy
You and me together like before
Is like entering another world war

No matter how I wish it to be
We can't just drop everything and flee
Even though you are now just my good friend
I'll always love you til the end

This boy here? Yeah, he's my fiancé in real life. I love him to death <3