im a total loser..My name is Emily..i love my friends each one has a special place in my heart..im a terrible artiest but a wonderful poet..i through temper tantrums only when you make me mad..we can be best friends or enemies. .i love volleyball(#14).. my favorite colors are purple and black..I dwell in Michigan..My favorite animal is vampire muffin(he lives under my bed)..i eats little children..i cry and laugh at the same time..I'm a 14 year old girl..i go to a school..I excel in algebra and chemistry..i love to read..sometimes i sit alone in the dark and pretend im dead just for the fun of it..i listen to all music(except rap and country)..i hate stereotypes.. i can talk a lot so text me;ask for my number..or pm me..

http://www.myspace.com/emily_ann_12 <--- go to itt :]