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Gender: Male

Location: Katchutaka, Arutens


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V Drop lines here V :)

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PEEXIE Report | 03/06/2015 3:43 pm

^ ok that's supposed to say Bob but I guess me stressing the o made it be the other word...
But well //post emotion_yatta
PikachuPanda Report | 04/09/2014 4:23 am
iisweirdness Report | 10/04/2013 5:19 pm
iisweirdness Report | 10/02/2013 1:20 pm
I see you >>
Lostikins Report | 01/23/2013 1:17 am
Got any examples?
shikako1201 Report | 12/11/2012 8:08 pm
can i haz linkxshi artsu now?
Xx Aisec xX Report | 12/06/2012 1:59 am
Xx Aisec xX
aw i saw you accepted my friend request thanks chu~~ i also reply to the pm... and its been a bit long and i have not gotten a reply i just hope you are doing well dear heart
Xx Aisec xX Report | 11/25/2012 12:59 pm
Xx Aisec xX
i reply to you pm some days ago since i have not gotten a reply back im a bit worry sweatdrop
hope you are oks sweetheart heart
Xx Aisec xX Report | 11/21/2012 8:51 pm
Xx Aisec xX
ops... :gonk: sorry i cant resist been petted....:sweat: and when im happy i move my nose... erm.... is stand there trying and trying.....and jsut nothing look right... AH and it turns more and more want to draw.... and you simply cant.... :0a0: and you stress and in my case i feel so useless afterwards... e w e
pft i join in 9th grade.... that is why i think it was on 2008 i dont even know anymore xD
im just 19.... e A e! why do i feel like and old woman...... asdfghjk
pft sorry about making you feel old...:sweatdrop:
i lost contact with most people... though... but honestly i have never been good talking to people so making friends even fake ones. is hard for me....
pft but 3 of them i still talk to... and one of them is like marry now.. has a baby and is waiting for another baby.... e w e;
the other up to today he is my boyfriend..... even thought trough all this years we have just seen each other face to face 3 times....
and the other one... = w =; well he hasnt change much....pft....still is a ladies man.....asdfg
but yes a lot hs change when i sing in again i was like.. wow.. O-o; this is not what i remember.... :sweatdrop:
i guess is true.. though.... but they have seem to become a bit more...picky or is it just me....
i remember when i was here.... long ago there was people who actually wanted my art... even though.. back then i had just stared drawing......e w e; oh my those things... how horrible they were....... and somehow people liked it... and there was people willing to pay me quite a good sum for it....
no one seems to like it anymore.. e w e;
aww really?!:kirakira:
most people ignore me..... :sweatdrop:
as i said im not good poaching people... at all.......
*forever a outcast..*
aaw boy stop it your making me blush.... :bigheart::facepalm:
true... but sadly most people cant see that i guess....
its something self fulling... and even if it may not seem like a lot to anyone else... it sure makes other smile....
i will take that into consideration........pft....
believe me... i actually did eat today i was able to buy some bread and ham... and lettuce so i had some nice sanwishes... today = w =;
i really need another job... asdfg
well i was just a baby sitter.... but the lady i work for.. she lost her job... so...i didnt have to take care of her babies anymore,, for her as she was at work.... =-=;
so i really dont know what to do.....ahhh and the contact criticism of me not been in school anymore is killing me.......
well at least im surviving i guess.....
AH ignore my blabbering again :sweatdrop:
and yeah good point = v =; but because there is quite a lot that are really good is intimidating... for some of us... i guess....
or that is how i feel....
actually the reason i use to love DA was that there was so much nice people.. i learn a lot there.....from people with so many difrent kidns of styles and art experience it was marvelous!
i actually miss everyone there.. a lot.....
but by now.. they possibly forgot about me.....*sigh* and the reason i dont go back is because things are so unstable still.... im scare of leaving out of no were again.....i mean like right now.... i hack the password of the people who live in the house next to the room i sleep in.... its jsut a room were i live with some covers.... on the floor... and that is my bed... pft...but it alright... once i manage to make things.. better... i shall be back... pft..
pft.. i guess you can called them dream children....amm i saw this little boy with white hair and no eyes a lot when i was young he was constant in my dreams..... actually i would tell my mom about it and she would get mad..
he is one moody little kid....
and all the times he was around all he wanted was to played... but things had to be done the way he wanted them to be....
as the years when by... i had little fragments.. on what has seem to be his family..... im not even sure...
but he meant
Xx Aisec xX Report | 11/21/2012 12:29 pm
Xx Aisec xX
emotion_kirakira *enjoys hair ben pettet and moves nose* emotion_bigheart
yes.. that was on my mind for quite a bit... but.. well... somehow eveyrtuime i drew i coulnt even draw a face gonk
*trows papers*
i hate you life! D gonk
erhem anyways...
i actually join in 2008
got to make a lot of friends. back them even a couple who im till in contact with today even trought phonecalls and stuff*though tanks to thi mess i kind of walk away from them as well*
and i actuallymeet someone really special to me.. todayhe is posibly the most important person of my life... and i meet him out of curiousity on this site... i still remmber it was on the puzzles...after that i just kind of didnt get on anyone... since i always just to get on just to talk to him... pft and i did that by msn and phone yeah commingin here is quite nostargic for me as well.. kind of brings back memories.... sweatdrop thinking about how pretty much 5 years whent by.. kind of makes me feel so old.... gonk
i am horrible aproching people ... pft... but thanks on you not ignoring me sweatdrop
well.. i sketch 1st on paper....then i take picture with the webcam... *no other camara device that i own* with is so blury.... oh my i hate it...
and i use that as a guide for the linear.... though iwle doing the linear i change a lot of things....if anything i feel it looks off i will change it = m =''
so the lienar many times doesnt even look like the sketch.... sweatdrop
its.. time consuming.. but i dont mind it... i love drawing.. and taking time on each one to try to make them the best i can with the lack of abilities i have is something im more thant willing to do... emotion_c8
but thanks you really *3* <3.. it does mean a lot... most people jsut tell me how i lose my time... doing omehting that will take me no were and i suck at eather way..... kind of discoraging....
stupid stress emotion_0A0 aand too be honest no.. i really have not been eating well....i kind of jut lose my job.. and that aint helping me eather...
ASDFGH I rather not talk about that emotion_facepalm
are you kidding me? your art is so pretty <3 emotion_kirakira i wanna snuggle it all <333 emotion_dowant i want your skills <3 asdfghj
but we all have room for improvement dont we? i mean no one ever will be prefect i humans we try to achive the imposible and we come to realize we are cretures with flaws.... e w e
really?... i have found some really awsome artiest... around here i do remember that....thouse including you
but yes there is noting more encoragment thant that feeling o u o;
asdfgh you really like them? ; w ; thouse two are really special to me... actually i base them of out of this two kids.. i use to dream about.... when i was little.. up to date i still have one or another dream with them in there.. but not as commmon as they use to be...
pft...not meaning to bored you emotion_sweatdrop
nuuu dont get diebities e A e!
yes yes please it would be such a honor <3


My name is Bob.
I am 18 years old.
I don't have much else to say at the moment, but I like chatting and making friends. Drop me a line sometime! biggrin
I also dig drawing. It's my passion.

Mad moves to Madeon's remix

My favorite HS song with...some 90's sounding funk

"Dramatic" by Base Ball Bear