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"We've burned all the pieces so nobody here can say a thing to you, now." ~ Handhshake Heart Attack - The Epilogues (cover) Original - The Photo Atlas.

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Winnie-the-kid Report | 01/14/2012 3:18 pm
I told him. He said "Whaaaaat?!" it was funny
That sucks dude. I need to come to that school and just ask what the ******** is wrong with people haha
Winnie-the-kid Report | 01/13/2012 9:28 am
I don't know. T.W. told me I was supposed to get it for christmas. It hasnt come yet! I'm so pissed.
Freakin A dude. Now he's McMild???
God damn whats going on with you two???
Winnie-the-kid Report | 12/04/2011 12:16 am
I had to restart it. it should work now. Call me tuesday??? I wont have it tomorrow or monday.
T.W. took it to a circuit city in Denver, cuz he says one of his friends work there and might be able to get me a new phone : D
excited fur that haha.
tell me about him NOW!!!! what happened?!?!?!
Winnie-the-kid Report | 11/28/2011 4:40 am
About me and McSteamy dating! GOD, Kaitlyn! So forgetful! >XD
"Fairly attractive...sort of" WHAAAAAT?!?! I THOUGHT YOU LIKED HIM?!?!
The halloween dance was even funner than the valentines one!
Remember when you called me and told me that you told this one kid about our middle school dances, and he was like "did you have day dates??" and you were like "Psshhh. ******** no." and he was like "well, there you go." and then you were like "you didn't go to my school, NOBODY was ******** attractive there." except for me. (; LOL
Does your family still not know that you and Jude dated??? When are you gonna tell em about that??
Winnie-the-kid Report | 11/26/2011 11:40 pm
He's thinking about it.
McSteamy's real name is Dillon.
Awesss. Cute. He tried to spin you??? >XD he's lucky you didn't walk out on him. >XD lol jk but you're not a fan of being spun lol
I KNOW!!!!! I was like "Are you sure you're T.W.??? 'Cause its okay if you're not." and then he was like "OH! i feel so loved!!" and then we laughed.
HAHA! I know right?!? If you were at mine I'd ******** kick whats-his-name away and wouldve been like "NO KAITLYN FOR YOU!!!"
Oh yeah yeah!!! When Brand was all like talk-dancing with me and you were like "get the ******** away from my girl." like flat-out fur serial. that was ******** histarical!!!
And then you were talking to what's-his-face2 and I was like "b***h. you BEST not be talking to my wife!' and then he got this offended look on his face like "AWH! I cant belive you just talked to me that way!" >XD Best dance EVER
Winnie-the-kid Report | 11/13/2011 12:37 am
Yeah, alot of people go as princesses. To me I'm just like "you can do that at your wedding!"
Nahh. At my wedding I'm gonna be treated like Queen or like an empress or something.
ANYWAYS! Myyyyy dance was SO SO amazing. ((: McSteamy like did nothing but cuddle and I was like "awwwweee"
Then on the last slow dance we just like held onto eachother, like i was so comfortable I wanted to melt.
NO NEED FOR SUCH b***h SLAPPING! I already get that from Rachel and Stevie. Yeah. T.W. talked to him but this time he did it calmly! and I was like "I've never seen T.W. NOT yell at a guy i introduce him too." and then he was all like "i havea good feeling about this kid, so i'll go easy on him."
that blew my mind.
HOW was YOUR dance giirrrrrrrrlyyy??? Was you guys paaandaaaas???
Winnie-the-kid Report | 11/05/2011 11:41 pm
Mine is when they were running from the cops at 2 in the morning and T.W. got a bigger hole in his pants. >XD
He does. And really good at scaring soon to be boyfriends that usually are too scared to date me after meeting him. ):
Awh Yeah!!!! But, McDreamy is no longer McDreamy. He's McDouchebag! Oh well, I still have McSteamy. (;
O: DUDE!!!! Me and McSteamy should go as pandas too! Even though you and me are in completely different states xD
Do you know anybody going with you to Sadie's? Cuz Rachel and Stevie are going with me. Rachel are her date are gonna be uhhh...
Jasmin and Aladdin I think and Stevie and Blake are wearing eachother's favorite color
Yeah, Emily's doing fine. Says her parents are treating her well and she's making some new friends at school, she doesn't like the uniforms though, they're grey and she HAS to wear a skirt and knee socks. And apparently she's got an older brother! Two years older than Jude, and very protective like T.W. and Jude and Darin... oh and Anders too
basically like all of our guy friends.
Winnie-the-kid Report | 10/19/2011 5:31 am
Yeah. I got it.
I know!! It's insane.
Yeah, T.W. told me everything, I swear I couldn't stop laughing! They do so much stupid stuff together!
Oh good! I'm glad! I'm sorry I haven't really been there for him, I've just got so much stuff right now. Like I don't even have time for MY McDreamy
Oh and Teena found Emily, they've been talking alot.
Dude your McDreamy doesn't wanna know the s**t we get into. ********! Lol!!!! >XD AWWWEE he sounds so sweet! And since I know what he looks like, YOU TWO WOULD MAKE A CUTE COUPLE!!! dATE HIM!!!! (:
HEY!!! Our Sadie's is on the same day!!! cept the 'game' has already started for us. > biggrin
Winnie-the-kid Report | 10/14/2011 4:47 am
Alright. I'll tell Darin, and then I think he'll find out fur sure.
At least he's moving, it may not be much but you know??
Yeah he was thinking about getting the wrestling game he and jude started back in like, 7th grade going again. But I was like, "karrot says no! No wrestling fur you!!" and he was like "alllllriiiight."
Hows you and your McDreamy? (;
Winnie-the-kid Report | 10/12/2011 5:02 am
I have those kinds of bitches in my class too! I almost drop kicked one of them. Instead I just threw a rock at her head and she started crying.
I was like 'wow. And you act like your the toughest b***h in school. thats sad.'
Did you tell him about how the trial was basically bought?? Is he any better than he was on sunday and will he come out of his room at all??
That's okay. As long as we don't tell him what's gonna happen next. I'll get Teena to see if she can find Emily on fb, and talk to her. See if there's anything more we can do.
And T.W. is talking to Jude's parents about him, and he's gonna drive up there friday morning and take him for a ride.
******** rich people.

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