Bands I've Seen Live

Parkway Drive x 6
Confession x 3
Deez Nuts
August Burns Red
Miles Away
A Day To Remember
The Acacia Strain
Antagonist A.d
Word Up!
Suicide Silence
Dead Kings
Behind Crimson Eyes
In Trenches
50 Lions
The Devil Wears Prada
The Ghost Inside
Miss May I
Hand of Mercy
The Wonder Years


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shelbyn Report | 03/28/2012 12:40 am
copy/paste this to 10 ppl then prees f5 and f9 at the same time you will get 100,000 gold it really rocks trust me
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 10/10/2011 9:54 am
Captain Blade Uzumaki
Happy Birthday man
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 07/09/2011 8:41 pm
Captain Blade Uzumaki
Yo long time no see man
x-X-Murderus-Muffin-X-x Report | 01/07/2011 9:34 pm
That Sounds Boring D:
x-X-Murderus-Muffin-X-x Report | 12/25/2010 9:56 pm
Im Okay. Besides The Fact My Mommy Drugged Me...Lol [:
What have You Been Up To?
What Did I Miss?
x-X-Murderus-Muffin-X-x Report | 12/20/2010 8:09 pm
How Are You??? biggrin
x-X-Murderus-Muffin-X-x Report | 12/19/2010 6:40 pm
XxFragile_SoulxX Report | 11/12/2010 5:35 pm
Oh no you don't have one. You only have guys.
XxFragile_SoulxX Report | 11/11/2010 5:34 pm
Ill hook you up with a gay boy....Hes perfect for you.
XxFragile_SoulxX Report | 11/11/2010 12:48 am
Gay yah you?

I Hate My ******** Guts, I Hate Desire, I Hate Lust, I Hate Humanity, I Hate Instinctively, I Hate This ******** World For ******** Me.

I Am Nothing, I Am Permanence.

On My Own Against The World And I've Never Felt So ******** Cold.

Dont Look Down, Dont Look Back.

So Be Afraid My Friends The Butcher Will Await.

Time Wont Wait For Me.

I might hate this world, I might hate myself
But I wont be a wasted soul, another ghost like everyone else.

We know true love, is just a curse, in a ******** up world, that's getting worse.

But youths forgiving eyes, stare aimlessly, and carelessly we ******** all through the night, in the shadows of the city lights.

To be alive but never to dream
To be another failure, the world didn't need
To be the voice of insecurity
To be the broken man, to be the waterless seed

I'll never life on my knee's, I know a promise holds more to me,
I'll never make the same mistakes, a conscious mind, I'll never break.

Who will be the first to show humility?
Who will be the first to show morality?
Who will be the first to show empathy?
Who will be the first to show sincerity?
To teach me?

And this isn't how I pictured me, afraid to grow into the man I aspired to be.

In the shadow of the greatest man, I feel naked, the lonely one, untouched by the rising sun
Desperation crashed down on me, endlessly I reach for nothing, amidst the waves of eternity.

Don't tell me its over just yet
Because when you said you would be here forever
I figured that bought us some time
But time past through us.

never thought that I could let you make me believe
but I did it anyway
never thought that you could sit there and bathe in deceit
and you did it anyway
if I could take it back
every word and dollar spent
everything I said to you was exactly what I meant
all the flowers I bought are starting to wilt
won't see me shed a tear over blood that I've spilled
never shed a tear over blood spilled
but it won't matter if they're dead or alive
it doesn't matter to me if you live or die
you said you always wanted flowers
so I brought you flowers for your grave.

there is no way I will fall from my feet
there is no way I will die on my knees
never surrender
never say die.

And im a ******** up, a high school drop out but i see this world for what it really is.

It doesn't get any lower than this, Cant Live, Cant Breathe!

I held your hand And felt the blood pour through the holes you left in me.

Champagne to my real friends and real pain to my sham friends.

Friends till the end, never gonna forget, what we stood for.

This is your last ******** chance, for i still believe.

Excuses are useless when your mouth is stapled shut

Please carry me to a better place, please carry me to your better place.

Walk across my body and kiss my lips.

How can you continue to lie to yourself?

I felt safest in your arms, on the brink of extinction, hands around my neck, attempt to save me now.

I hope that you can hear my voice.

I have buried my own self cause you lied to me.

As i whisper out for redemption, i scream out for your forgiveness.

Now please a-awake me from this dream, now wake me up, before I, I forget, your name again.

Say goodbye to your hope this time.

Swallow your pride, this is my last goodbye kiss.

Will acceptance, ever accept, will acceptance, ever accept, will acceptance ever accept me?

Now close you dying eyes, sometimes you have to let go.

This is just another fight for hope, for you to die with.

With another second i am breathless, with another moment i am left emotionless.

I look down as my wrists are slit, i am still bleeding, i look as my wrist are still bleeding, cause i am sorry cause i am so sorry, for what i am now.

As a matter of urgency we must be un-earthed. oh boy have we got a great story to tell; a 3 second epic straight from the gates of hell
we're the rejected lives grasping recycled lines, selling our cliché'd words to the weak tonight. We're the tightly wound marionettes, controlled by the strings above our heads
Applaud the spokesman who's ever so loyal to his sheep, You're not gonna get what you want out of me. when did the words lose all of their meaning?
I'm not gonna bend myself over once again. All us traitors share ties with executives upstairs. The new recruit better not stutter as he writes to the blueprint they've passed down from those who came before
Paint on your face I hear you've been practicing quite hard, the girl at the bar is impressed with your "call to arms". Please set me aside, oh and satirise, I'm lost, dazzled and confused amidst these neon lights
You aren't the broken and the rejected, no longer will my sewn mouth scream secrets internally.
We're manufactured mechanical salvation, desperation to break out is my treasured clotting incision.
What this place needs is another worthwhile overdose, To cull the overwhelming inefficiency of greed. Are the symptoms appealing to the half-hearted you seek?
You speak with a stolen tongue, you'll dissolve over the horizon.

You're his little white pill full of disease and you've never looked better on your knees.

Lust is the only thing that makes us do, pathetic things like you.

Deaths pail flag sure as hell advanced here, it devoured what's left of me, leaving a tourist in a city, i once called my home.

No matter how many times I leave i come crawling back to the very same blood covered poetry.

The thin veil clouding our perceptions has been removed. the voice of truth is hushed inthe ears of the poisoned youth.
No longer will we be subsidies for your master plan, we are the new generation baptised under this burning flag.

Ready the caskets cause we know we won't get out alive,b ut not this time will our footprints be washed away with the tide. We will be remembered as more than soldiers buried in unmarked graves.

Soon enough the worms we built will feast, on the decaying corpse of fear laying at our feet, we will drag the skin of the defeated through the streets, no longer will this be hidden in the back alleys of our city.

Our new war is not fought on battlefields, it's fought in our minds, in the messages hidden between these lines. There's no longer beauty in these empty sidewalks and silent streets
i'll find it in the hope buried beneath tragedy.

This gun is rested against my head, i'd sooner pull the trigger than hear your voice again, i'd rather be dead.

Everything we had lies in pieces, everything we had ******** dies, Tonight.

Everything you love dies tonight.

You ain't fighting for difference, you are just clinging to an old tradition.

You will be judged, seek your mercy now while it may still be found.

You don't what its like to better yourself in this life, you don't know what its like, you don't even try.

********' give up now p***y and i'll guess you'll never, all the s**t you could've done, never happened just to grow as a man understand you take life with both hands.
We work hard for our goals so your happy with your soul.

I just can't be ********, to face another pointless day, please take me away to a better ******** place.

So lost and alone in a crowded ******** place.

Lets ******** the world with all its trends.

User Image

At war with an enemy who does not rest, who will never relent.

Slip away my humanity, fragment my identity, sacrifice my integrity.

Sleepwalk our lives away, in search of shallow graves.

Not one more scab, in the name of progress, in the name of blind ambition. Not one more scar in the name of progress, in the name of bling ambition.

How the ******** am i supposed to feel when everything i know lies broken at my feet?

You claim to know a thing or two about heartache and what its like to have your inside pulled out.

And broken hearts read like obituaries and photo albums are the books of the dead.

If i had my way i'd cut the calluses off your breaking heart, if i could get past the sternum.

Am i being too cryptic? Am i being too obscure?

Love kills! Romance is dead!
And I don’t even trust myself, but I love you!
And you can pull my wings apart
And pin me down under glass until the end of days!
If it can help you discover that we share the same pain!
I just hope you write your thesis before
Your subject is dead
No life after death!

There she goes again
'Nother masquerade in false circumstance
She'll ******** you just for the taste.
I just wish that I could replace all the memories of what makes my blood run cold.
As your blood runs through me, I say goodbye to what we had

She came and went, I gnawed through my lip,
Makeup smeared in her eyes.
Each sob's a reason to say goodbye.
Sometimes when you're holding on, you'll never see the light.

With flowers in her hair,
Gazed upon with dead lovers eyes.
She never looked so good,
And I never felt so right.

Abandoned and left for dead
Another face in this overcrowded room
Sometimes I feel I've ******** lost, I've said goodbye to the ones I love
I ran a mile to find the place; the place that I used to called my home
This integrity is still deep, the future set is unknown
So at my signal
Unleash hell
So at my signal on this world
Unleash Hell
Take it for all its ******** worth
All the places that we got to see
Have made you and me
They've made you and me
The highs and lows sometimes is lost and missing home
We made it here; we ******** made it on our own
We had too much hope in a small town that we called home,
We will never forget our past or where we started out,
All our friends who made us who we are, who we are today
This integrity is still deep, the future set is unknown
We started out with nothing and made it on our own.

One last breath, hold it in.

******** your past, the future is in your eyes.

Just sit back and relax, put your ******** shades on, put the gun to your head, you're a ******** disgrace.

Seconds from the end, whats it gonna be? Pull the trigger b***h.