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First things first, I believe that arguing over this seemingly endless internet is pointless. It's quite simple really, if you have nothing kind to say then I don't even want to hear read it.


I love to RP. So if you think you have a good story line, send me a PM and I'll check it out.

Let's see, to you all, I'm known as can call me whatever though, just as long as I'm not offended by it. Yeah, my friends are pretty cool, and they're fun too. I wouldn't give anything to replace them, simple because, they're irreplaceable.

Base Guitar - That's what I play. I have a black SG, four string in case you might have been wondering. And I said four string, because bass can have more then four strings. What kind of music do I play? What ever I feel like playing at the moment, and if I don't know how to play the song, then I learn it. Simple, right?

School - I'm a Junior starting this year, but only if you know me will you know what school I go to (don't need any stalkers). It's not the best school, but friends make it all the better.

I spend most of my time on Gaia RPing, so like I said above, if you have a good plot, send me a PM and I'll check it out.

From the eyes of a friend:
Ukiyo0, Ukiyo0.
What can I say: He isn't selfish, cold, or cruel at all.
In fact, He is the sweetest, and nicest guy
on the block. And is always loveable.
He's a terrific writer, and is great at
doing a RP. He plays the Bass, and if I might say,
he is quite an ace at that. He's learning Guitar as well,
so you can tell he's very much into music.
He has great taste, and is such a wonderfull friend.
Always there to give advice, and always there
to help your day be a little brighter. Ukiyo0 Also
has a great sence of humor. He's always sharp, and quick
witted. So, if you're joking around with him, its a gaurentee
that you'll hear him say something to make you giggle
like the inner school girl inside you.
Being a friend of Ukiyo0's, I am can honestly
say that It's been an honor knowing him. So, you should
feel special to know him too! (:


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Taki Desu Report | 01/28/2012 8:46 pm
):< "Talk to Aya moar!" T:<
Taki Desu Report | 01/26/2012 9:02 am
"So.... So then... You're Ukiyo?" >_>
RoraBoraa Report | 01/12/2012 5:55 pm
cool avi
Taki Desu Report | 01/12/2012 11:42 am
"Of course Aya remembers Ukiyo0!"
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xp crying


'ave ye ever danced wit' th' devil in th' pale moonlight..?