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I'm Sydney.
Formatly know as non-emo-sydney but now Bleeditout93.
I've been on this planet for 14 years now.
I like kiwi and celery.
Hot sauce is the best condiment in the world.
I love Shane Dawson and DesandNate.
Will Ferrell, Amanda Byans, and Stephen King are my heros.
Linkin Park, Death Cab For Cutie and Three Days Grace are my
Favorite bands of all time.
Damn, that wasn't one line.
Country music is fine! Shut-up!
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I enjoy spending as much time as I can outside.
Camping is my favorite thing to do.
I love gingers.
It's true.
Long hair wins.
I'm left-handed. Not right-handed. Ew.
I believe in God, but I'm not relious.
I love drawing, I'm quite awesome if I do say so myself.
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I'm good at a lot of things (drawing, singing, climbling, flexiable)
My friends are better than yours.
I hate the movie Twilight.
But love the book.
Scene people are amazing.
Too much drama for the emos.
I'll make you a sign...if you pay me...and if I love you enough...
If it's your birthday then tell me and I'll give you gold.
I hate people who randomly add me and have nothing in common with me.
Don't do it.
Unless you're hot.
I don't accept people if I can't see their profile.
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My favorite quote of all time is this:
"You know when you're in love when you can't sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." ~Dr. Suess (R.I.P)
The best candy in the world is skittles.
Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream makes me happy in the pants.
I have 3 cats and 3 dogs altogether.
Animals are ******** awesome.
I'll kill you if you kill them.
Abortions are fine, it's the mothers choice afterall.
Jonas Brothers and Hannah Monata are all fags.
I'm an awesome mutiltasker.
I'm a natural blonde.
I've dyed my hair with streaks then black 3 times.
It's coming back.
I'm an all around happy person and add me if you wish.



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Madame Fluffykins

Report | 02/04/2010 5:21 pm

Madame Fluffykins

lol. i read your "about me" and we seem the same. i really like shane dawson and desandnate too. also, i think country miusic is good. i think its funny you added that.

Report | 01/01/2010 8:02 pm


Gaia says your b-day is today!
Happy Birthday!
[I'll feel like an idiot if it's not really your birfday. lulz]

Report | 11/10/2009 10:36 am


im just a random pple so dont be afraid ok?
you seem to be a good people and we both love
shane dawson so i wanted to drop a comment here
and say hi to you!! (oh mein i have a terrible english lol =D )

Report | 09/21/2009 6:06 pm


I havent tlked to you in forever.
so whats up!?!?!?!?!
Beth Sematary

Report | 09/20/2009 3:47 pm

Beth Sematary

Hey, just droppin' by to say hi 4laugh

Report | 08/18/2009 9:45 pm


hey!! do u want me draw ur avi for u! u hav a forum saying that!

Report | 08/17/2009 2:59 pm


hey there....

Report | 08/06/2009 4:04 am


used tawpon

Report | 08/03/2009 1:46 pm

used tawpon

used tawpon

Report | 08/01/2009 3:16 pm

used tawpon

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