Just a weird college student trying to get her role playing on.




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Just Rosa Report | 10/30/2013 6:48 pm
Just Rosa
Please don't post as Arial yet, I have an idea with my Cheshire Cat but I can only post tomorrow morning, please tell everyone else that
xLana-Banana Report | 10/05/2013 4:08 pm
Nice!! what role do you plan on geting? : ) i know this is a super late reply but I hope you got it!!! :'D
Yeah you know homework's one of life's hardships lol! x)
xLana-Banana Report | 09/21/2013 4:00 pm
homework. homework. and more homework. lol >.<
And I think I'm getting sick from people coughing all over me at school. D:
What about you?
xLana-Banana Report | 09/20/2013 11:24 pm
I feel like a creeper adding an extra comment but I wanna correct my previous mistake with the comment I made, about my sister. She's actually two grades behind. sweatdrop
xLana-Banana Report | 09/20/2013 11:22 pm
Haha no it wasn't bad. I was just being a turd wink you know how it is wink xp
Hope you're doing good! I'm feeling the same exact way about school right now! (Saw your status) whee
Hang in there! Fighting! *plays "we are the champions"* We'll keep fighting 'til the eeend~! xD
that's good, first days are always. the most interesting. ^-^ I have God and he's awesome! SO I got through it alive. xD
xLana-Banana Report | 09/09/2013 5:03 pm
It was.... it was......
it was....
How was yours? emotion_kirakira
xLana-Banana Report | 09/08/2013 5:41 pm
I know what you mean. sweatdrop
Hang in there, at least you're studying Chinese. ^.^
xLana-Banana Report | 09/04/2013 3:06 pm
oh how you make me laugh. stare wink
First day of school tomorrow!!! wahmbulance
xLana-Banana Report | 08/25/2013 10:30 pm
Shut up Ill drown you in sponge cake missy all full of yourself cause you were born on time XD yet again I shall say UNGRATEFUL CHILE! Lol razz yeah my younger sister is also a grade behind but thats because of my grandma not enrolling her on time, long and complicated story of family drama.
haha. hah. ha. . So Im not in the right grade. Damn... I feel like an ahjuma now. Seriously why couldnt my mother conceive me on a later or earlier date? I wish she was one of those schedule freaks so then shed give birth right on time.
xLana-Banana Report | 08/25/2013 10:15 pm
Dang! OMG YOURE A 97 baby?! Fruit Popsicles I should be a junior too then! Ah! I am wasting my life! D: do you think I should be in 10th or 11th? I was born on the 16th of October if so Im gonna try and skip a grade.
Hahaha you suck I was hoping for a spoiler! XD