Get to know me, eh?

Comment me.

My name is Melodie and I absolutely adore the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.
You can call me Melodie, Mel, Blackie, Blackers, or any other nickname you'd like. I love nicknames.

I believe that honesty is the best quality. I'm generally a caring person and I don't hate people easily.

•I love classical music.
•I am a bit of a romantic..
•Music matters to me.
•I am a heavily musical person. Performance is in my blood. I also really enjoy acting.
•My birthday is September 9th..
•I'm a cat person.
•I collect stuffed animals.
•My favorite colors are Black, Purple, and Red-Violet.
•I love animals and my family. My best friends count as family.
•I have a diverse taste in music. I'll listen to almost anything.

•I roleplay. I prefer small groups - 1x1s. I'm generally semi-lit, (though I can be literate), because I do a lot of other things.

•Comments/PMs are cool, especially if you're asking me to join an RP, as long as you tell me where you saw me at. Trust me, I'm really nice.

Ask me anything you want, comment me, etc. I don't accept random friend requests... Please make sure you message me in some way first. If I've roleplayed with you, you can add me.