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I'm BlackberryPerfume! But you can call me Kanjojojo or Kanjo.

I'm 21 year old Mulatto Canadian, & Im a twitch streamer/artist. I go by she/he pronouns and I go between the genders when referring to myself. Please understand that this is how I identify myself, and I enjoy being different!~

I've been a member on Gaia for 8/9 years now. going on here now, I constantly get nostalgia for this site, and I'm super happy to be back! Also, I REALLY like to change my avatar at least a few times everyday, cause Im constantly getting new cute/rad stuff, so please excuse the constant avatar changing! emotion_sweatdrop

Also I love punky/rad/cute stuff, so expect me to go from super punk to kawaii desu nya uguu UWU Quality!

Like I said above, I am a twitch streamer, so my link is down below, as well as I still have twitter,, Tumblr & Deviantart, so go follow me at those places if you want~ ;^)

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Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/Kanjojojo

Deviantart ~ http://kanjojo.deviantart.com/

Tumblr ~ http://kanjojojooo.tumblr.com/

Twitch ~ https://www.twitch.tv/kanjojojooo

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Please enjoy my gaia profile!` (‘∀’●)♡
If you want to know me better, pm anytime! I'm usually on here everyday pretty much, & I'm always willing to make new friends! ALSO, if you do have twitter, my DMs are open on there as well!~

Pixel Art Solid Snake made by Rararaa
Other pictures are owned/created by their respective artists!
(I'll be working on finding the other artists for the pics on my profile soon)

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