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Sucks that "ponies" are cool now. =3=;

This is the main mule account to 'Cataplexy'. I'm rarely on anymore; though, who knows?


What do you wanna' know?

.Polka Dots.
.Long Colorful socks.
.Nail Polish.
.Anything shiny.

xxBig no noxx
."Txt Tlk".
.My Neighbors.
.Orange Juice.
.The Lights On.
.Dull Scissors.
.Little kids.

For Your Time~

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Your thoughts.... @w@

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6vn Report | 11/02/2010 7:55 am
T'ankeh. o uo
Vida Lea Report | 10/29/2010 8:49 am
Vida Lea
fantastic!!!! blaugh Feel free to send me a pm if you wanna talk about it!!
Vida Lea Report | 10/27/2010 8:08 pm
Vida Lea
hee!! Of course!!! ^^

Does this mean you like Hetalia??
Vida Lea Report | 10/27/2010 12:34 pm
Vida Lea
Thank you for your comment on HERO in the arena ^__^
electro romantic Report | 07/12/2009 5:08 pm
electro romantic
Nnnnoo problem!

Thank YOU for the bargain sell ;p
kawaii_hitlah Report | 03/24/2009 6:22 pm
that is gloomy bear, not a blinking bear, and gloomy bear kicks a**. (im taking this to a pm)
kawaii_hitlah Report | 01/20/2009 5:08 pm
yesh it does. i go over to laurens house and we watch it all teh time. i like her brother.
TrxX13 Report | 01/20/2009 5:04 pm
darmit the only reason i thought it was Jessie cause it said christian
kawaii_hitlah Report | 01/18/2009 7:48 pm
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh its because i dont beleive there is a giant guy floating in the sky who created everything, isnt it?!?!?!? D<
kawaii_hitlah Report | 01/18/2009 7:46 pm
what about red hair? neutral

omgz u like icarly too!?!?!?!?