heyyyy whats up?my name is isabella i am in the 6th grade,i have alot of friends,but my bestest friends are sara and mickayla.....thy are super fun and funny.i love 2ride my bike when i have nothing 2 do, i am a cheerleader, have been for 3 years now.we got 1st place at our last competition.i absolutely love 2 cheer,its one of my favorite things to do!!!i do not like school very much, but i am good at most of the subjects.....during the summer my favorite things to do are go to the beach,go to L.A. to visit my cousinz, and hang out with my friends.i have always wanted a english bulldog,hahahahaha.i have a older sis and bro.not very exciting...i have a myspace so add me.other then that im a friend u could trust. get too no me!