Who am i?
I'm Beau ^^
I live in Portugal but i was born in Cape Verde. Im African Yes.. 100%
I speak a few languages...Engrish is one of them

How am i?
I have 1.62m aka 5"3 or something
Im kinda chubby but my family and friends says im not... LIES!! >.>
I have light brown skin, brown eyes and long and fluffy curly hair xD

Who is Beau?
Im a very friendly person
I am very random sometimes...and random gifter
I get bored fast >.>
Stupid people make me >@<
By stupid people i mean like: dumb, racist, hassholes, beggars, etc...
Im smart :3
I Love you

WTF am i doing in gaia?
Im addicted
I have a bunch of friends in here ^^
Making friends is nice c: