Let's keep this simple.
Basically, I'm a person who stares at their computer screen all day. I am a computer addict. I dislike leaving the house. Yes, I'm a hermit. I guess I'm a pretty artistic person. I like to draw as a hobby and I hope that I can improve my art. Writing stories is another of my hobbies. My genres usually range from mystery, supernatural, drama, comedy, and tragedies. I like a tragic ending. I'm somewhat of a lazy person so you'll most likely won't see them. I love inspiration. It gets my drive goin'. I do enjoy the pleasures of anime and manga. Otaku much? I can proudly say I am. I'm no fangirl. I am used to be a Gaia addict. Nuh no mo'. But I still have the habit of constantly changing my avatar when I sign on. I'm quite universal when it comes to music. I can't really say I'll listen to anything but my genre changes. Hmm. What else? I don't really know, I hate this section. So maybe in the couple months or so I will make it better.
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