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Cursed1217 Report | 09/27/2015 9:14 am
Ohh, pretty art. <3
little mintchan Report | 05/06/2014 8:24 am
little mintchan
I roleplay in the forums mainly
cycloalkanes Report | 04/08/2014 9:23 pm
Chyaku for 50m?
Tentaigo Report | 09/07/2013 5:00 am
Happy Birthdayy!!~ [Flails Arms] loll
X o l u s Report | 03/05/2013 10:10 pm
X o l u s
Now you KNOW you are not good enough to be Satan's girlfriend.
I hear that ***** gay anyway, that's why he got on all that Prada.
Just sayin > o>
enamored silence Report | 02/13/2013 4:41 pm
enamored silence
C'mon miss, we gotta get outta Konoha before it's too late x)
Lolades Report | 02/01/2013 10:29 pm
Like oh my gahd, what's up gurlll?
im really sleepy Report | 12/11/2012 4:26 pm
im really sleepy
              Your art is really good.
Reaper Elyse Report | 09/08/2012 9:54 am
Reaper Elyse
Happy belated B-DAY Gurl!!!
Taziie Report | 09/07/2012 10:59 pm
You're welcome my forever alone shemale friend<3



Such dry, arabesque fields
The round autumn moon,
Risen in celebration
Winter passes,
And I again count the days